Monday, December 13, 2010

What really grinds my gears....Session 11.

You know what really grinds my gears? School bus stops, at least in the Charleston area. What happened to the days when I was a kid and we had one designated bus stop that you had to walk to for everyone on your block and the surrounding 2-3 blocks? I swear to you I drove down the road in my neighborhood that can't be more than a half mile long, A HALF MILE LONG, and was stuck behind a school bus that stopped 5 times....5 TIMES!!. WHAT THE FUCK DOES A SCHOOL BUS NEED TO STOP THAT MANY TIMES ON A SMALL STREET FOR? And people wonder why the kids of today are so damn fat. They blame it on fast food and video games, but I blame it on the pampering pussy who decided that there is no longer any use for a bus stop and every damn kid should get dropped off at their own house, it's bullshit. If you're going to drop these kids off at their own damn driveway, then don't you dare turn on those fucking blinking lights telling me to stop. What do I need to stop for? To watching Tommy McTubs waddle off the bus and walk up his driveway to his house? What am I watching for? Because you have certainly eliminated the chance of there being other kids in the road. And ok, I get it, it gets a little bit cold here so kids may not want to stand outside waiting for the bus. TOO FUCKING BAD! I've waited in plenty of snow and freezing ass cold weather. We had snow ball fights. Or the pussies would have their parents drive them to the bus stop and wait with them in the car, that is still better than what these jackoffs are doing.

Maybe my area isn't the only one with this problem, maybe it is. Either way, I'm annoyed beyond belief and damn sick of it. Cut the umbilical cord, let the kids walk more than just into the yard for the bus stop. Stop making the kids fat. Stop turning them into pussies. Stop pampering them. When I was a kid I had to listen to stories about when my parents were kids and how easy we have it because they had to walk to such and such amount of snow, where did that go? Get these fuckers walking, because I AM NOT stopping behind the same bus on the same small ass street more than twice from now on, that's a promises. That douche bag bus driver can honk at me all he wants as I drive by, I'm not endangering anyone, trust me, you've made plenty sure of that.

Good to be back.

Kal El