Friday, February 29, 2008

You wouldn't catch a Buckeye doing this.

The University of Michigan's Women's Basketball coach lost it. Way to keep your composure, Wolverine.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bush is a jokester

I was watching Sportscenter and they showed a clip from the Boston Red Sox visit to the White House to be honored by the President. I tried to get the video from YouTube but the embed was disabled by request and it was the only one I could find. He made a few "jokes" but one stood out to me the most. "Manny Ramirez isn't here, I guess his grandmother died again." Just keep an eye on Sportscenter, I'm sure it will be on again.

Really? Appropriate joke for a president?

Kal El

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Locker Room Nudity.

Anyone who has been to a fitness center somewhere knows older folks are not shy about walking around in all of their glory. Well today I walked in before I went to swim and saw this guy by the mirror was just staring at himself. I just walk by and go change into my bathing suit and walk to the showers and he is still there, this time slicking his hair back like he is the Fonze or something. I take my shower and walk back to my locker to get my towel and he is STILL there slicking what is left of his hair. I just wanted to walk up to him and say "Really? Do you have to do this naked? Would you not get your hair the way you wanted to if you had shorts on?" It was just gross. Real gross.

Kal El

Getting what you really want.

I'm not an expert, but I can pretty much guarantee there is not a single person that wants something/someone they don't/can't have. Whether it be something to "complete them" or just because it is the cool thing to have, everyone has something/someone. Whether it be a materialistic teenager that wants their parents to by them the next coolest phone or if it is grown person loving someone/something they once had or it could be some person that fantasizes about Jessica Biel or Tom Brady. What would you do to be able to get this thing you desire so much? This is probably my most serious post to date, you can tell because I turned off the T.V. and turned on my iTunes(that means I mean business) to write this because it has been on my mind from me having something and seeing people around me wanting something.

If you are an aspiring artist, is it worth the risk of bankrupting yourself in order to chase your dreams. Even if you didn't succeed, you tried your best and that is all that matters, right?

If you love somebody and you really think you need a chance to show everyone you do even if everyone thinks you don't, is it worth the risk of heart break to pursue it? Hey, at least you tried and that's all that matters, right? And no matter the outcome, you know the truth and do the best to move on.

If you're an athlete in high school and you have always dreamed since you were little to be in the pros but people have always told you that you are too small or slow or just plain not good enough. If it is your dream to make it big, would you do whatever you could(not steroids or any other performance enhancing drug) to get there even if it meant you weren't good at anything else like academics? Even if you didn't make it, at least you tried and that is all that matters, right?

I know this whole thing sounds like I'm telling people to put it all on the table and just risk everything in order to chase you dream even if it isn't achievable, well, I guess it doesn't just sound like it because I am doing that. I could be wrong. But have you ever felt like you were meant to be something so badly that that feeling overcomes ever single negative thing thrown at you? If you were that artist and no one likes your work, fuck it do it anyway. If you were that athlete and every one thinks all your work is for nothing, fuck it do it anyway. If you are that person in love with someone that no one but you thinks you should be with, fuck it go for it anyway(No, I'm not condoning stalking).

This post reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite movies Harold & Kumar go to White Castle. I know it is a stoner comedy and it isn't a deep meaningful movie at all but one scene actually made sense of things.

Harold: I want that.
Kumar: What? A Hot Dog Heaven super chili cheese dog?
Harold: No. I want that feeling. The feeling that comes over a man when he gets exactly what he desires. I need that feeling!
Kumar: Are you saying what I think you're saying?
Harold: We gotta go to White Castle.
Kumar: YES! YES! I knew you had it in you dude!

I guess I don't really know what I am trying to get at. This is one of those things that all makes sense in my head but is impossible to write out to make sense for everyone else. My head is crowded with thoughts and my heart is crowded with just as many emotions and that does not really go well together right now because I want to write one thing then something tells me "No, write this instead" then I start to write that and something else tells me "No" again. I really hope at least a little bit of this made sense to besides me and I hope maybe sometime soon I can separate all of my thoughts and emotions and post something that makes sense.

Kal El

"Let's go see Paris and wake up in Tokyo, have a dream in New Orleans, fall in love with Chicago."-Lupe Fiasco, "Paris, Tokyo" Great CD, go buy it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

People Destroying America.

I personally think this is hilarious. I stumbled across this watching The Colbert Report and have been trying to find it on the internet to put it on here for a week. For those of you who haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching it, for those of you who have seen it already, it is worth watching again.

Kal El

Monday, February 25, 2008

Superman is real...

...and he is Dwight Howard. For those of you that didn't see the dunk contest, which I'm sure is most you of, there are some pretty spectacular dunks I recommend seeing.

Kal El

Saturday, February 23, 2008

David vs. Goliath

Floyd Mayweather recently went to a WWE pay per view event and was unexpectedly involved in the story line. Apparently he has no idea that pro wrestling is fake because when given the opportunity he landed a 4 hit combo on a 7'2" 400-500 lb. man. Needless to say, if the "Big Show" would have caught him, he would have killed him. The combo doesn't seem bad at first, wait for the slow motion replay.

That video is real, he wasn't even supposed to be involved in the show and the victim was ppppiiiisssseeed.

Kal El

Friday, February 22, 2008

If you like Star Wars.

Just watch...or not, either way Part IV

Someone told me to watch this and I'm glad they did. I think I laughed from when they started rapping to when they ended...and almost cried. If you don't laugh, get yourself checked out.(i.e. Kit because anything I say is funny he says it isn't)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Running Man, it's back.

This guy brought the running man back, and he brought it back hard.

Incredible! from kwest on Vimeo.

Kal El

"It's the freshest move I've ever seen, like he was floating on air."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bow in the presence of greatness.

Well, I'm not really great, just a lucky guess I suppose. Last night was the NBA All-Star game and earlier in the day I was talking to someone and they asked "I have money on this game, do you think it will be above or below 262 points?" My friend, Brett, says no I think it will be below and I say "No, they will definitely get to 262 points, it's the all star game." He then asks "What do you think about Dirk Nowitzski as the MVP?" I then say "Nope, Lebron James all the way." So for anyone who watched the All Star game the final score was 134-128, the East won. For those of you who aren't good at math, that adds up to 262 points. The MVP? Lebron James. So that brings me to another point, since I was so dead on with this, it is not too late to jump on my Oscar bandwagon and choose the same picks as I did because you know they are going to be right.

Another thing, I realized how much people do not pay attention to each other in college classes. Last week I had an exam but I had a family emergency and had to go back home and my professor said I could come in today and take it during her other class. While taking that test I had about 5 people come up to me and ask what the assignment was and 3 times someone handed me the attendance sheet, and one person actually did it twice. We have been in school for a little over a month, how do these people not know who is in their class and not realize that I'm at a table in the corner by myself taking a test that they have never even seen before because it isn't even the same class? Pay attention people, make friends with your classmates.

Kal El

Sunday, February 17, 2008


This is 1 of my top 10 favorite Seinfeld moments and I have been trying for months to find this on YouTube. Unfortunately the sound is a little off from the picture, but it's the best I could find. I know a lot of you hate Seinfeld(I don't know how, it's the greatest) but this is still funny.

Kal El

My new favorite song.

My new favorite song that I can't seem to stop listening to, along with all of his songs, is Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar." This song is amazing. I swear every artist out of Chicago is the shit, why is that?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Question for the Head Artichoke(or anyone who has an opinion on it.)

I was reading some comments on The Hero Workshop the other day and someone started writing about choosing a risky occupation and if it makes you a hero. It got me to thinking about my friend in the army and whether people in the service are heroes. I know that a lot of people choose to go to the army so just like choosing to be a police officer or a fire fighter, people would consider them a hero. But what about the many that go into the service right out of high school because their life takes a turn onto the wrong path (i.e. drugs or crime) and they go for disciplinary reasons, but still knowing there is a risk of war, because it is really the only way to turn things around for them. Would you consider them as being heroic if they go to the service and do everything the same as those who chose to go their? Or no because of the reason they joined?

This topic is open for discussion.

Kal El

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why you should be nice and make good friends with everyone you meet.

Back in my high school days from grades 9-12 I worked at Playland/Bonkers in Flint, Michigan. I was really quiet and soft spoken my first few months, or year, so no one really knew me but people would try to talk to me but no luck, I was extremely shy. There was this one fellow who was in a band pretty much just like every other emo kid in Grand Blanc so I really thought nothing of it. He gave my sister their first demo C.D. and I listened to it in the car with her on the way home and I personally thought it sucked so then I really really didn't think anything of his band. Well just last week I was talking to my friend Andy and he was listening to some music and I asked who it was. He says "Dude, this is Chiodos." and I reply "Ha, I used to know a kid in a band called the Chiodos Bros." and he informs me that is/was their name. At first I think it is just a coincidence then think to myself, could it be them? I ask him if the lead singers name was Craigery Owens, which was the kid who I worked with, and he tells me his name is Craig Owens. I go online and look at pictures and sure enough it is them. I asked Andy if they were famous and he said yea they are fairly famous. So because I was some shy little kid and decided not to believe in a small band from Davison and make friends with the lead singer when I worked with him, I lost my chance to know a famous, maybe very famous I don't know, rock star.

So the moral of this story is, anyone has the potential to become famous and make money, so make sure you make as many friends as you can and never ever say someone can't make it.

Kal El

Calling all camp folk!

I feel like I am drifting away from camp people and I don't like it. I haven't seen Kip and Gallagher in about a month, haven't seen MLA or the Head Artichoke(not that I saw him much to begin with) since KMFP's going away bash. No Gallagher, no Yank, no Erk, no Kessel, no Kip, no Head Artichoke, no no one! Life is extremely boring with no camp people especially when they are the only people you like hanging out with anymore. I barely even see the Scurvy Squad anymore except Dump! Kip, Gallagher, Kessel you guys need to take some time out of your busy schedule so we can hang out like we used to! I'm in definite need of camp people.

Kal El

"Camp friends are life friends."-EmLen

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Oh how I miss these people. It's amazing how much things change in a little less than a year. Kevin's hair is 1/3 as long as it is now, Todd was there, I had a shaved head and Elvis wannabe sideburns. This was probably 1 of my top 10 moments at camp when we did the polar bear swim and the Head Artichoke even came out for the event. Two things to notice in this video...It seems Poof Cat has an upside down dick and balls in his body hair also when you hear an uproar from the participants in the back ground it is because a handsome young fellow has just stripped down into a speedo. Keep an eye out for that one. ;-)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Follow up on NHL story for those who cared(Story from

First, here is the video of the incident.

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik lost five units of blood, but doctors never considered his life in jeopardy after the player had his carotid artery nearly severed by a teammate's skate in a freak and frightening accident.

Zednik underwent an hour of surgery to reconnect the artery Sunday night and was listed in stable condition in the intensive care unit at Buffalo General Hospital on Monday. He was awake and cooperative with the medical staff, doctors said.

Attending surgeon Sonya Noor said there were no initial signs of brain damage, which is a fear whenever the coratid artery is clamped. She said clamps were in place for about 15 to 20 minutes during surgery, which she considers a short time.

"So far, he looks very good. He's awake, oriented," said Noor. "He remembers what happened last night."

Zednik was sliced across the right side of the throat by teammate Olli Jokinen's skate midway through the third period of Buffalo's 5-3 victory. Doctors said the skate blade just missed cutting the jugular vein.

The carotid artery supplies blood to the brain, while the jugular vein takes blood from the brain. Blood pressure is much higher in the carotid artery.

Sabres orthopedic surgeon Les Bisson, who attended to Zednik shortly after he got off the ice, said losing five units -- about five pints -- of blood was significant, but "not a lot" for this type of injury.

[+] Enlarge

AP Photo/Don Heupel
Buffalo defenseman Jaroslav Spacek skates past a trail of blood left when Florida's Richard Zednik hurried off the ice Sunday in Buffalo, N.Y.
According to Noor, the slashed artery was "hanging by a thread." She stressed if the artery had been completely severed it would have recessed into the neck, requiring even more extensive surgery.

Prior to surgery, doctors noted that Zednik's blood pressure was dropping, and there was also swelling around the cut making it difficult to breath. Doctors put a tube in his neck to open an airway.

Robert McCormack, the hospital's clinical chief of emergency medicine, said: "We became concerned. He was clearly in shock from blood loss. His heart rate was high, his blood pressure was a bit low."

Vascular surgeon Richard Curl, who assisted Noor, said the cut was about an inch-and-a-half deep and also as wide. Doctors were astonished the skate blade did not hit any other arteries or veins or cause any further damage.

"Luck," was a factor, according to Noor.

Difficult Call

Deciding whether or not to continue to play after Richard Zednik's gruesome injury certainly was not easy.'s E.J. Hradek writes that while there may be a little precedent here, it might not apply. Blog

"He might have some hoarseness and that's about it at this point," said Noor, who said Zednik had a "normal, beautiful artery."

The Panthers returned home to South Florida following the game, a flight coach Jacques Martin said was "pretty quiet."

However, Zednik was joined at the hospital by his wife, Jessica, and Karen Cohen, wife of Alan Cohen, who is the Panthers' general partner, chairman of the board and CEO, hospital spokesman Mike Hughes said in a release. The two arrived by charter flight late Sunday night.

Zednik will remain in the ICU at least one more day, but it is uncertain when he will be discharged and allowed to return to Florida, Noor said. It will be six to eight weeks before he can return to normal activity.

"The entire Panthers organization wish to extend their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the medical staff at Buffalo General Hospital, the Buffalo Sabres organization, the HSBC Arena staff and to the Panthers and Sabres fans who have expressed their thoughts and concerns," Panthers assistant general manager Randy Sexton said.

Sexton and Panthers assistant trainer Dave Zenobi stayed overnight with Zednik at the hospital.

Zednik was circling the net behind the play and skating into the corner when Jokinen was upended by Sabres forward Clarke MacArthur. Jokinen fell headfirst to the ice, and his right leg and skate flew up and struck Zednik directly on the side of the neck.

Clutching his neck, Zednik left a trail of blood as he somehow raced three-quarters the length of the ice to the Panthers bench. He nearly fell into the arms of Zenobi, who immediately placed a towel on the player's throat. With the help of defenseman Jassen Cullimore, Zednik was escorted up the tunnel behind the bench and loaded into an ambulance.

Bisson, the Sabres' doctor, said injuries to the carotid artery are potentially fatal, but stressed that was not a concern because Zednik was conscious and responding to commands.

"That could be fatal, but I wouldn't say he was close to death," Bisson said. "If you can stop the bleeding, then you have some time ... I wouldn't say at any point, we're thinking: 'He's going to die now.'"

A 12-year veteran, Zednik is in his first season with the Panthers.

When Zednik was with Montreal he sustained a severe concussion, broken nose, bruised throat and cut eyelid following a vicious blow to the face by Boston's Kyle McLaren during the 2002 playoffs. Zednik was knocked cold, had to be taken off the ice on a stretcher and spent the night in intensive care.

McLaren was suspended by the NHL for the rest of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, missing the final two games of the series, which Montreal won in six games.

Zednik returned the following season to score a career-high 31 goals and match a career high with 50 points.

He signed with the Panthers as a free agent last summer. After a two-month slump, he has been playing well. He entered the game on a four-game point streak, in which he had six goals and three assists, giving him 26 points (15 goals, 11 assists) in 54 games this season.

"I think he'll be able to continue his career," Martin said. "I think it's too soon to establish a time of his return."

A few things to talk about...

For starters, the big one.....

-My new job is a soap opera cont.-
Well today was the first time I worked with more than one person in my department so usually my only entertainment is gossip from the guy from my previous post. Today we are having a fairly good time and the end of the night is nearing so we start to clean everything up. The new guy(well he isn't really new but it is the first time I've worked with him) has been somewhat jokingly hostile towards the gay guy that works with us. Since he says it in a joking manner and they both laugh every time I think nothing of it. But as the night goes on it gets a little worse and finally I found out the answer. We have a great formula for drama in our department. I work with a Mexican homosexual and a close minded George Bush supporting Catholic who doesn't appreciate any other opinions and thinks everything he knows is right....and also watches pro wrestling. They start to get in arguments about homosexuality and when the Carlos makes the comment "Well Jesus had 12 guys following him, that's all I have to say." I laugh of course and then look at the other guy and he says "Yea it is stupid comments like that that makes me want to take you in the back and have a talk with you, and when I say talk I don't mean fuck, I mean kick your ass." As the atheist spectator I just sit with an astonished look on my face because I can't believe he just said that. The night goes on and he keeps making comments such as "it's a straight guy thing, you wouldn't understand" or "is that something gay guys do?" and so on. I could tell this guy was ignorant and close minded because he was eventually the only one laughing at his dick head comments since his victim stopped laughing along and I didn't laugh at a single one yet he continued being an idiot. Also, the look I received when he found out I was an atheist was priceless, I almost wanted to take out my phone and take a picture and put it on here, but we aren't aloud to have cell phones out at work. I plan on staying out of this whole situation until I feel like it is bothering Carlos, or if Carlos comes to me which he does on other things, or if this guy gets in my face for being an Atheist and thinking George Bush is a total idiot, which I did tell him. It's funny though how I laughed at every "offensive" remark Carlos made and even stated that I don't agree with his beliefs but he didn't offer to take me in the back and "kick my ass." Is it maybe because he is a 6 foot tall 160 lbs.(soaking wet) "tough guy" and maybe for some reason thinks Carlos can't kick his ass just for the simple fact that he is gay and Carlos has stated on many occasions he has never been in a fight and doesn't know how to fight? Probably...this guy is a coward and a dick head and I already hate him. Next topic.

-I believe the long awaited video for Kanye West's song "Flashing Lights" premieres on Wednesday, I suggest checking it out.

-I got home from work and turned my T.V. on and it was on HBO and a Justin Timberlake concert was on. I will openly admit, not caring if I get a man card from Kit, that I was very impressed with him. My earlier impression of Justin Timberlake was he was just a pop sensation with good looks and cool dance moves and could sing a little bit. But watching his concert I realized he is a very talented musician doing piano solos, play the keyboard and guitar and even doing his own mixing for his songs. It was pretty impressive.

-I got the call today from the Wasthenaw Fitness Center and I now have a second job working as a substitute lifeguard. That is great news because it gives me something to get spending money from and I can just save away money from my other job and hopefully earn enough money to visit KMFP in France like I promised and hopefully be able to visit McBest after summer when he goes back to Australia. Also it gives me a free place to work out so I can finally get back into shape.

Also, I taught Oh-Eh at my new job, I believe it is starting to catch on.

Kal El

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Close call in the NHL.(Story from

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik underwent surgery to close a deep gash on the right side of his neck and was in stable condition Sunday night after he was cut by a teammate's skate during a game.

"The surgery was successful and he's resting comfortably in the hospital," Panthers spokesman Brian Goldman said.

Blood gushed from Zednik's neck after he was hurt midway through the third period of Buffalo's 5-3 victory, creating a frightening moment that delayed the game for about 15 minutes. There was also a brief discussion about postponing the game altogether.

Zednik was behind the play and skating into the right corner of the Sabres' zone, when teammate Olli Jokinen was upended by Sabres forward Clarke MacArthur. Jokinen fell head-first to the ice, and his right leg flew up and struck Zednik directly on the side of the neck.

Clutching his neck, Zednik raced to the Florida bench, leaving a long trail of blood. When he arrived, he nearly fell into the arms of a team trainer, who quickly applied a towel to the cut. Zednik was then helped off the ice by the trainer and teammate Jassen Cullimore, and escorted to the Panthers' dressing room.

"We shouldn't have finished the game," Jokinen said. "I saw the replay, that it was my skate that hit him in the throat. I think we were all in shock. I've never seen anything like that. There are bigger things than [finishing the game]. It was terrifying.

"I didn't think anyone on our team was thinking hockey out there after an injury like that. If it was my call, I would have gone to the hospital with him."

Panthers spokesman Justin Copertino said Zednik was transported by ambulance to Buffalo General Hospital. Copertino said the team was making arrangements to have Zednik's wife, Jessica, fly from South Florida to Buffalo by a charter flight Sunday night.

The team was scheduled to return to Miami, but assistant general manager Randy Sexton and assistant trainer Dave Zenobi planned to stay behind with Zednik, Copertino said.

[+] Enlarge

AP Photo/Don Heupel
Buffalo defenseman Jaroslav Spacek skates past a trail of blood left when Florida's Richard Zednik hurried off the ice Sunday in Buffalo, N.Y.
Zednik's injury left players and coaches on both benches stunned, and a silent hush fell over the crowd at HSBC Arena.
NHL vice president Colin Campbell consulted with Sabres general manager Darcy Regier and referee Bill McCreary in a tunnel after Zednik was loaded into an ambulance. Campbell, who was not available for comment, attended the game in part because his son, Gregory, plays for the Panthers.

In a statement, the NHL said that Campbell talked to commissioner Gary Bettman and decided to continue the game after knowing that Zednik was stable, that trainers had stopped the bleeding, and that the teams were willing to go on.

The league said: "The thoughts and prayers of the NHL family are with Richard Zednik, his loved ones, his teammates and the Florida Panthers organization."

"I can fully understand if they wanted to cancel the whole game," Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said. "It was pretty solemn. There wasn't a lot being said [on the bench]. There was just more concern for Richard than anything else.

"When you see something like that, it isn't about playing anymore. But I said, 'We're going to finish the game and it's going to be what it's going to be.'"

As crews scraped the blood from the ice and the surface was cleaned by Zambonis during the extended delay, the public address announcer said: "Richard Zednik is in stable condition and on his way to a Buffalo hospital."

The crowd stood in applause during the announcement.

Zednik's injury was eerily reminiscent of an injury sustained by Sabres goaltender Clint Malarchuk about 19 years ago at Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium. On March 22, 1989, Malarchuk severed his jugular vein when St. Louis Blues forward Steve Tuttle was upended while skating toward the crease, slicing Malarchuk with a skate.

Malarchuk required over 300 stitches but spent only one night in the hospital, returning to practice after four days. On April 2, he played the final five minutes in the season finale, less than two weeks after his injury.

Panthers defenseman Steve Montador recalled seeing Zednik in a state of shock as he got to the bench.

"He looked pale, he was obviously standing and to a degree, coherent. But he didn't look as focused as you or I right now. He was staring at nothing," Montador said. "That's a pretty brave guy to realize what's going on: Grab your neck and get off the ice."

Zednik has 15 goals and 11 assists this season.

It was the second serious injury caused by a skate this weekend.

On Saturday, NHL linesman Pat Dapuzzo needed dozens of stitches to close a cut on his face after he was hit by the skate of Philadelphia Flyers forward Steve Downie in a game against the N ew York Rangers.

Dapuzzo, scheduled to retire at the end of the season, didn't return after the second-period injury.

My new job is a Soap Opera.

So I just started a new job this past week and at first it was a bit boring, until yesterday. I was working with this guy, won't mention his name, but he had an interesting situation. At first it threw me off because it was I think my second day working with him and he was opening up to me like we were best friends. At first I was a bit uneasy with it but then I figured I would try to help him out because he seemed like he really needed it. Before you guys jump to conclusions that I am putting peoples business out there and it isn't my place, he actually asked me to ask all my friends for their opinions, so you guys are welcome and encouraged to comment your opinion(especially you Head Artichoke, it seems like it could be your department), you can leave it anonymous if you don't want me to know your thoughts on it.

This guy is gay, for starters, and his problem is with an ex-boyfriend of his. His ex is engaged to get a woman. Now part of his problem with this, obviously, is the fact that his ex is marrying a woman, although he apparently calls him all the time. So my colleague is wondering, well what the fuck, is this guy gay or not? Now that isn't the big part of the problem. The problem is, for starters, my colleague doesn't know this woman at all, but he knows a secret that could change her life and stop her from making a big mistake if he tells her, or he could ruin a lot of things. He wants to know if the reward is worth the risk.

The background on this girl from what I know is she grew up in a rich family and has worked her ass off through law school and is really smart, has earned everything she has herself despite having a rich family, and is on her way to becoming a very successful lawyer.

The background on this guy from what I know is he doesn't have a family. He grew up on foster care.

She is set to marry this guy, I believe pretty soon. My colleague says he has proof and has heard from the source himself that he doesn't even love this woman and is only marrying her because she is going to be extremely wealthy and my colleague believes he is going to divorce her to get half(assuming they don't get a prenuptial.) He believes that if he tells this secret that the guy is going to come after him. He actually told me that if he does tell this secret that he won't be working with me anymore and he will leave the area. So apparently it is pretty serious if this guy comes after him.

So he is faced with this decision. Take the risk of telling this woman he doesn't know because stopping her from this could save her from splitting everything she has earned with this male gold digger. The risks he is worried about are the fact that this guy will come after him or she will get defensive and deny that the whole thing is true and it will all blow up in his face. He says he has the proof to take this guy down, he just doesn't know if it is the right thin to do or even any of his business.

I tried to tell this story as good as I possibly could so you guys could understand and plug in your two cents but he talks fast so do the best with what I have given you.

So a quick overview. My gay colleagues ex-boyfriend is marrying a wealthy lawyer-to-be for the money and plans on divorcing her and taking half of her money. He has all the proof to take him down. He doesn't know her. Should he tell her and do the right thing or mind his business? You decide.

Kal El

This is why I hate clubs

One night I'm hanging out with Dump and his roommates which I know from before so I was somewhat friends with them too. We get bored and they decide they want to go to this club in Ann Arbor. I was a little bit low on cash so I said no at first, then they told me it was free to get in so I decide to just go along even though I hate clubs because they are always just a bunch of slutty girls begging for attention or stuck up girls that want nothing to do with you but flaunt it anyway and then it's full of guys who are drunk and think they are tough and will start a fight for no reason. Which brings me to my story. It's about 1 am and we are leaving and I'm driving my car out of the parking garage. As I'm about to pay my fee to get out of the garage I see some guy waving his arms frantically in our direction and yelling something so I stop the car to see what he wants. Once I stopped he turned around and walked away so I just kept going. When I'm paying he runs up to my car and starts beating on my back windows. When I say beating on my windows I don't mean pounding, I mean full out punching as if it were a person. Naturally I get a little upset with this because well, I'm not made of money I can't just replace a window so I stick my head out the window and just say "HEY! Stop banging on my windows!" Then stick my head back in the car, but of course he doesn't stop. "HEY! SERIOUSLY! Stop banging on my windows!" He doesn't stop. "STOP FUCKING BANGING ON MY WINDOWS!" He stops. Apparently one of the kids in my car in the back flipped him the bird, but that wasn't the case because the supposed suspect was typing away on his phone. The real reason was this kid was a friend of my friends on-again-off-again girlfriend and at the time they were "off" and also the girl he was with was hit on by one of my friends. So he stops banging on my windows and I pay the toll and pull out. We are stopped immediately by a stop light and so he follows us out and is yelling and screaming from the sidewalk. This offends my friend even more so he gets out of the car and starts chasing him. First of all my friend is not big at all and the kid is bigger than him, and secondly, once my friend jumps out of the car the kid runs around the corner and my friend chases him. Growing up in Grand Blanc I was exposed to lots of fight happy kids that loved to fight in big groups, so naturally I knew there was more people around the corner. Dump immediately jumps out of the car and so does the other kid. I'm thinking great the biggest besides me of all of my friends is Dump so this can't go well. So luckily there is a spot right in front of me so I parallel park(perfectly might I add) and run around the corner. To no surprise there is more kids over there and it is a little rumble. I have no intention of fighting, I hate fighting and am very against it but I'm also all for defending the people I care about. So I get over there with every intention of breaking it up which I do. I get over there and grab my friend that the whole thing started with and pretty much pick him up and throw him back and yell at him to calm down. I turn around and see Dump get sucker punched to the ground and I notice the kid in front of me that was banging on my window and started this whole rumble. So I grab the kid by the shoulders and tell him to calm down and he punches me in the stomach but with all the adrenaline I could barely feel it so I just got angry and turned him and got him in a choke hold with complete ease. I wasn't choking him, I just held it there and said politely in his hear, I'm not trying to choke you, but if you don't calm down and hit my friend again, I will do it. He of course "agrees" with me and I look at his friend that sucker punched Dump and ask him if he is going to calm down. He runs into the street and says "Maaannn let's get the fuck out of here." I then let the kid go and as he walks away he does a quick turn back hit into my stomach again and I just look at him and tell him he really better get the hell out of here. After I start to walk away I yell to my friends to all get in the car so they do and we leave.

I really hate people like that. Why do people always want to fight other people for stupid reasons? It doesn't make sense to me at all. Especially over something stupid like a guy having problem with his girlfriend. I'm not saying that kid was the only one in the wrong, my friends never should have got out of the car, they should have just left it alone. I'm not trying to sound cocky but they are kind of lucky I was there to break it up because when I got there, it didn't seem to be going to well for them at all.

So the moral of this story is kids, don't fight. It's retarded, makes you look like a jackass especially when you're drunk.

Kal El

Friday, February 8, 2008

Wow, this is genius.

I saw this commercial on The Soup on the E! network and couldn't believe it, but it actually is real. Terrible invention, great name though.

Reality Check

Today I got a real reality check. The other day I was talking to EmLen about all the directors at DC and she asked if I was coming back. Seeing as how I didn't get a return app. and haven't been invited to any committee meetings this year, I never even considered coming back. She said there were a few positions left they need to fill so I decide to e-mail BD about the position. He calls me today and gives me the news that he wants to but there is no way they will let him. I admit there was part of me that could have cared less, but a bigger part of me that wishes I could for a few reasons. My first reason is it is going to be really weird since summer and camp have gone hand and hand for me for the past couple years. Another one is my first summer was probably the greatest summer of my life. I made friends that I know will be around for a long time to come, I felt accomplished because I felt like I was actually doing something meaningful for kids that needed it. Another reason is last summer was just a mess, after the summer was over I really wanted next summer to come because I didn't want to end my camp career on a bad note like that. My first summer I made friends at DC, I partied with them every weekend and I was a rather popular person over there. Last summer I made maybe 2 or 3 friends and about the same amount of "enemies" at DC. I didn't get invited to any of the parties or anything like that. I made more friends at RC that I did the one I actually worked at. The summer just didn't seem like can't and came along with everyday being long and hard and without really any feeling of accomplishment. To be honest I enjoyed my two weeks at RC more that I did the 7 at DC. This summer was just terrible, well not completely terrible I guess, there were some things that did their part to make it a great summer. I guess I'm just rambling on now without making any real points so here is what I was feeling after the phone conversation ended.

I was a bit upset about there being no possibility of me coming back because people there didn't like me. But knowing that the person that I actually care about their opinion did want me back made me feel better. I actually gained more respect for him for actually calling me and telling me the situation and making sure we were still friends.

So I guess this puts me on that blacklist thing that other people are on. Maybe I'll do like MLA and move on to a different camp, or maybe I'm just done with camp all together.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Oscars

Since I'm kind of bored I've decided to take a look at all the Oscar nominations and decide who I want/think will win.

Best Actor Leading Role:Johnny Depp-Sweeney Todd
Actor in supporting role-Javier Bardem-No Country for Old Men
Best Actress leading role-Ellen Page-Juno
Actress in supporting role-Amy Ryan-Gone Baby Gone
Animated feature film-Ratatouille
Art direction-Sweeney Todd
Cinematography-No Country for Old Men
Costume Design-Sweeney Todd
Documentary Feature-No End in Sight
Documentary Short-La Corona(The Crown)
Film Editing-The Bourne Ultimatum
Foreign language film-12
Makeup-Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Music(Score)-3:10 to Yuma
Music(Song)-August Rush
Best Picture-No Country for Old Men
Short Film(Animated)-Peter and the Wolf
Short Film(Live Action)-The Tonto Woman
Sound Editing-Transformers
Sound Mixing-Transformers
Visual Effects-Transformers
Writing(Adaptive Screenplay)-No Country for Old Men
Writing(Original Screenplay)-Juno

Those are my picks. I am estimating I will get 80-90% correct. If anyone would like to challenge any of my picks, but are unaware of who is actually nominated, here is the list....

Challenge it, I dare ya!

Kal El

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Artist of the week-Pricasso (Parental Advisory for the use of nudity)

I know it probably has been over a week that I have posted one of these so just for that I did a real interesting one, not to mention probably Kip Delp's favorite artist in the whole wide world.

His name is Pricasso, real name Tim Patch, and his specialty is penile art. Everything he paints is with his penis. The way he makes his money is people e-mail him a photo and he paints it with his penis, video tapes himself doing it and sends you the tape and photo back and if you like it you buy it.

"In the beginning of time life forces were created with divine intervention, my art evolved spontaneously from basic mysterious forces surging through me, Stripped naked to the core unbounded by society's conventions I am at one with nature exposing primitive urges, all my senses converge, I feel the very roots of my creativity stirring rising up merging with the subjects inner beauty climaxing in uncontrollable waves of divine euphoria and my loins I create PENILE ART."

Just in case you guys want to e-mail him a photo of yourself (Kip) his e-mail is

Yea, your T.V. is nice but....

...this one is way better.

The Panasonic 150-inch Plasma was officially unveiled by the brand at the CES 2008 conference. This 150-inch plasma display features a 2160x4096 pixel count. Although not much is known about its prices techie part, it is supposed that this colossal screen feeds on 220volts. And if you are already digging in to your pockets to buy this TV (assuming that you can accommodate this screen in your den) then you need to pause till 2009 (at least).

Are you going to buy this? Because I probably am.

Kanye West is coming out with a book. I'm not sure of the exact release date, all I know is I am most likely going to buy it.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is how bored I am.

In the midst of my extreme boredom I saw this video on college humor. It's not exciting and probably easily explained therefore pointless for me to show this to all of you because you'll be greatly disappointed in me because it is just not that cool. I'm sorry.

Kal El

Getting annoyed.

I really think I'm getting annoyed to the point where I need to move out before I kill someone. I've been on here saying how I get annoyed by little things such as my roommates clearing their throats every 5-10 seconds and also their laughter at stupid things that normal people would never find funny. Well while in my room tonight watching t.v. it just keeps getting worse and worse. My female roommates has two laughs; a manly barbaric bellow from the bottom pit of her stomach and an obnoxious giggle that a child would only get if they were the product of Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Janis from Friends. They both made soup and I could hear them slurping over two different t.v. sets and about 10-15 ft. of hallway. Now these aren't really things I would go as far as moving out because they are annoying. Last Thursday was the straw that broke the camels back. They keep telling me "Hey we are having people over so invite some friends and get them over here." So I do. I have Dump show up and two of his roommates and his roommates girlfriend and I am friends with them all because I go over there and hang out a lot. Well when they get there and try to mingle with the other people there they are rudely ignored by everyone. Normally this wouldn't bother me because I could really care less for 98% of their friends so their opinion on my friends doesn't matter, what really made me mad was that my roommates were doing the same thing. Every single one of their friends that showed up that I didn't know, I approached them and introduced myself with my roommates making no attempt to introduce us. When my friends get here I introduce them to everyone and they good looked at and ignored like a middle child. It really pisses me off because of countless times I had to bite my tongue and hold back when their racist slut friend who proudly claims to have had sex with over 30 guys is raving and ranting about how her 3 current lovers aren't being faithful to her over the girlfriends they currently have or every time she decides everyone in the room thinks it is alright and stands by her when she uses the "N" word or makes some racist comment about anyone other than white people. Or when she was directly racists towards Dump and his old roommate when they were over here hanging out being nothing but polite to everyone including her.

Another thing, after playing a good 7 games of beer pong and I am in the middle of my 8th game. Someone knocks on the door and it is the pizza guy. The racist girl and this other girl who is mexican but the racist girl kisses her ass because she knows if she doesn't then she will get her ass kicked ordered a medium pizza and breadsticks. After they eat a few slices and start saying how they are getting full, I notice a dollar in my pocket and I am really hungry and the pizza smelled good so I said "is it ok if I just have one slice of pizza, I will give you a dollar for it, if not it's cool I'll just go get food after this game." They say no a first so I say ok then 10 minutes later after they are done they approach me and give me their last piece. The next morning I wake up hearing them in the living room all talking and the pizza situation was brought up. I hear them saying something like this...

Slut 1:"Adam wouldn't fucking leave me alone about the pizza he kept asking me and asking me for a piece and I didn't want to give him one."

Slut 2:"Yea I know that was sooo annoying."

Slut 1:"I fucking hate when people ask for food I buy I just want to be like 'OMG get your own.'"

Slut 2:"Yea and we finally gave it to him to shut him up it was so annoying."

I wanted so badly to just go in there and give them the business end of a verbal foot in the ass but I didn't because they are my roommates friends. Even though the story was completely exaggerated because I asked once offering a dollar and even told them it was ok if they didn't want to give me one then THEY approached ME to give me their last slice. Fucking liars.

So with all the annoying habits of my roommates, treating my friends like garbage while I treat their garbage friends like my friends, and always having to see their friends that I can't stand, put that all together and it is making me think about looking for a new place to live. Plus we can't have pets here at all, oh wait that is changing come this fall! It is only a non refundable charge of 250 dollars and 50 dollars a month if you want a pet! And a fucking gold fish is classified as a pet to these people. Fucking ridiculous, I wouldn't pay that much money to have any pet here let alone a gold fish. I need to move somewhere where I can buy a kitten and name him Biff.

Kal El