Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just sayin'

It has been a few days since I have last posted and I am sorry to inform you all that I have very little interesting things to talk about but I'll just write things until I'm done.

So I think my last post was Thursday when I was drunk and made up some malarky about how camp people drive me just to make Kit, Gallagher and the gang feel special. Ha, kidding.

Friday...well Friday I didn't do much besides turn in early and actually caught a Bob Sagat stand up on HBO. That man is NOT Danny Tanner in anyway and it killed me both emotionally and with laughter because he told about how him and John Stamos were at a night club and both went to the bathroom at the same time and decided to mess with some drunk kid and start acting out like they were their characters in Full House and the drunk thought he was actually in the show and freaked out. I thought it was a bit humorous.

Saturday...Well Saturday my friend from high school, Steven Bowling, called me and said he was having a party at his place because he is on the swim team and their season just ended so they can finally drink. Huge mistake on my part. We get there at like 5 and there are about 4 people there already drunk and passed out snuggling with a 40 oz. or King Cobra. There are 4 of us awake so they suggest we play a game I have never heard of before called Nazis vs. Jews(Note: I had nothing to do with the name or how the game is set up, so if it offends you, I'm just telling you my story and I'm sorry.) The way the game is set up it kind of like beer pong but it is 45 cups on each side. On one side the cups are in the form of a giant Star of David and on the other side, well I'm sure you can guess what the Nazi side was shaped like. To my disadvantage I had another friend from high school on my team. He is a 5'5" 110 lbs. Asian kid. Every time they made a cup he would look at his stack of 2 empty cups, and then size up my stack of 10 empty cups and still insist it was my turn to drink since he can not handle much in his tiny Asian frame. So needless to say, the game got me buzzing. Then after that my friend Steve and I went 9-0 in beer pong, then I left at midnight because I had work at 730 am.

My friends came to pick me up and we went home and went to bed. Apparently my alarm was going off at 330 am and my friend was calling me, texting me saying TURN THAT FUCKING BEEPING OFF but I didn't even move, I was comatose. So he comes in my room and turns it off, still don't wake up. I wake up for work the next morning and completely forgot to turn my clock 1 hour ahead so I woke up at what I thought was 630 am, but was really 730 am. So I had to call into work and say I was sick and throwing up which made me feel bad. Yes I was really really hung over, but I don't puke I just had a headache.

Later on Sunday I went to visit my friend Koutro in Auburn Hills. Mapquest gives me directions to merge onto every damn expressway in Michigan before it got me to his place and led me to a street in Livonia that DOESN'T EXIST! So I stop at a gas station and the guy points me i the right direction and 20 minutes later, I get there. Nothing exciting there, that is the end of my Sunday.

Monday I went to GB for the day to hang out with some friends. Nothing too exciting. We did go see 10,000 BC. My advice is to not see it, I thought it was slow, boring and the acting pretty much sucked. Total disappointment, but hey, if you're into that stuff then go see it anyway.

Also, where, oh where has my little Dump gone? I haven't seen him in what seems like a month and I miss him. I'm informed him of the camp job Matt mentioned in his blog and we are both very interested. I just sent out an e-mail to the lady asking for details on the jobs and if they are still available. I hope they are because it really sounds like a great summer. What do you guys think? Are Dump and I the right men for the job? Please feel free to be as brutally honest as you want to.

Something else to keep in mind. If we DO go to New Jersey and work at this camp, Oh-Eh will be taught, Oh-Eh will be embraced and eventually Oh-Eh will spread across the world. First it was Michigan(we aren't working there this summer but I guarantee Oh-Eh still lives and McBest will make sure of that) next it will be Jersey(if we get the jobs) after that France(when we visit KMFP) and after that Australia(either when McBest goes back or when we go visit him). It is going to be a world wide phenomenon, just wait and see.

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

You should definitely go there.

And if you want me to keep reading this blog you should remove the link to John Mayer.

Kal El said...

I kind of want to, but the description for both job says experience in resident camps. I have 2 weeks experience doing logistics which consisted of taking water to stations and napping in the health center. I'm thinking the jobs may not be for me although I really would love to go there and do it.

And for the John Mayer link, if you read it he has some good things on there haha.

Head Artichoke said...

Don't underestimate the importance of napping in the Health Centre.

And don't try to defend John Mayer.

MLA said...

Napping is permitted in the HC.

But please got elsewhere to poop.

MLA said...