Friday, May 9, 2008

ModBook-I want it,

Even though Erk gave me the disturbing news that Justin Long(The Mac Guy) from the Mac commercials, is a PC user and the PC guy on the commercials is actually a Mac user(I know, blows your mind, right?) I'm still wishing I had money to spend on products such as this.

Axiotron has dissected and rebuilt the Macbook into a magnesium alloy encased tablet.

The Axiotron Modbook™ is a revolutionary slate-style tablet Mac that enables users to draw and write directly on the screen.
Axiotron’s innovative design and manufacturing process integrates an Apple® MacBook® computer, state-of-the-art Wacom® pen-enabled digitizer technology and Axiotron's own proprietary hardware and software components into a complete tablet solution, the Axiotron Modbook.
Built for artists, mobile users, students and professionals, the Modbook’s condensed form factor and integrated pen-based user experience offer unprecedented flexibility and control over the creative process.
Users of the Modbook can draw and sketch directly on the screen using popular graphics applications like Corel® Painter™ X and Adobe® Photoshop®.
The Axiotron Modbook operates on the Mac OS® X v10.5 Leopard™ platform. It has 2.1GHz-plus of processing speed, 1GB-plus of memory, and the full-range of Apple MacBook connectivity via Ethernet, USB, FireWire®, Bluetooth and AirPort®.
Every Modbook also comes equipped with a built-in iSight® camera, optical drive and Global Positioning System (GPS).

Both the Axiotron Modbook’s top shell and interior display frame are built from top-grade aircraft quality magnesium alloy, giving the Modbook its superior structural strength.
Unlike the anodized aluminum used in most computers, the Modbook’s tough and scratch-resistant magnesium top shell is protected by a triple layer of metal plating – nickel over copper and topped with chrome. The Modbook comes in standard satin finish (now available) or optional mirror finish (available in mid-2008).
Both the LCD panel and built-in iSight® camera are protected by chemically strengthened Axiotron ForceGlass™. Compared to cheaper plastic solutions found in most tablet computers, ForceGlass provides superior optical, anti-aging and scratch resistance properties.

An anti-reflective coating on the inward-facing side of the ForceGlass screen cover increases light transmissivity for a brighter and clearer image. The outward-facing side has been acid treated to achieve an etched surface calibrated to match the display resolution, eliminating “sparkle” effects and providing a crisp, paper-like drawing and writing sensation.

-Bright, Clear Display
-Built-in iSight Camera
-Full Apple MacBook Connectivity
-Built-in CD/DVD Burner
-Built-in Mounting Locks
-Warranty and Warranty Extensions

I want it...bad.

Kal El

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