Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear Abby.

I was at work today on a little break waiting for an employee of mine to come back from running an errand and started to read the newspaper. I came across a headline that caught my eye in the "Dear Abby" column. The headline was "Struggling single 'father' discovers he's clueless." Admittedly I thought it was a funny headline so I read it, turns out it was more inspirational than funny. I would classify the man in this article as selfless, a great person, and maybe even somewhat of a hero. Here is the entry...

DEAR ABBY: I am a single parent, although I never intended to be. Last fall, I was asked to baby-sit a 14-year old boy. He has been in my custody ever since. His mother abandoned him. Only in the last month have I actually gotten legal custody of him from Social Services. The problems he had prior to being with me have caused me legal expenses I never could have imagined. (They are all paid now.) I sold my truck and moved out of my original apartment, so I don't have much. We have no furniture other than the beds we sleep on and a dining room table we received as a gift. I have no idea where to go for help. I have no idea what I am doing as a parent. But I made a promise to that boy, and I fully intend to make sure that I carry it through. What do I need to know?-NEW FATHER IN NORTH CAROLINA

DEAR NEW FATHER: Congratulations on becoming a father. You have already mastered the most important lesson on becoming a parent--and that's being there for your child. The library is filled with books on parenting, and I'm sure you will find some answers there. But you are already a stable influence, and that's what the boy needs. You should also know that there is money available to take care of your boy, and the Department of Social Services should be able to help you get it.

If only every person who has their own child could be as responsible and caring as this man who just had a teenager dropped onto his lap with lots of baggage. This man is a hero in my eyes.

Kal El


Lisa said...

Okay, that made me tear up a bit (granted I"m a little emo right now) but I agree with you 100% Adam. If only those parents with their own biological children could be there for their children. Instead too many times people get wrapped up in giving their children "things" instead of love, attention, responsibility, stability, structure, discipline. it's a growing epidemic in our society as we grow into an even more (is that possible?) materialistic society.

Granted, we like nice things and like to do things, with our children, but I try not to spoil my kids with things, instead with values.

You're right. That man is a hero.

James said...

That is very amazing. It is great to see how much he really wants to help the child and create an environment where he is able to grow into a productive part of society.

Also, I find it amazing that most other people complain about bills or situations that are in their lives. Most of those troubles are created by themselves through the things that they buy or the actions throughout their life. This guy was truly thrown into a sticky situation and has taken so much responsibility in handling it. It makes me really think about what I complain about and how I can change most of the things with just a little action.

Most of us are so blessed with a loving family, great friends and great morals. Great post Adam!