Monday, July 7, 2008

My legacy lives on.

You can take Adam Resh out of Day Camp, but you can't erase my memory.

I was talking to my friend today, Darnell Tyrone Humphrey, today about coming to visit Day Camp this friday with Kit. No, not to cause a stir, just to visit some of my kids and some returning counselors. When I pitched the idea to him, he gave me some news that made me smile. During the Frankenstein song, little Tyler Beitrus used his turn to say "Let me see your Adam Resh!" and continue to do Oh-Eh chant with the fist pump. They only thing that could have made that moment better was if I could have been there, along with Big Shell to witness it and see the look on her face.

Matt, this is more reason for you to use Oh-Eh at your new camp. EmLaw, you too. Kate, use it at your camp in France as well...anyone who is working at a camp this year.

Kal El

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Head Artichoke said...

If only I knew what it was.