Friday, December 19, 2008

Absolutely outraged.

I swear I hope this is not true.

Please someone confirm to me this is false. I thought it was a joke/rumor at first but I just heard someone say it was true on the radio.

Eddie Murphy was cast as the Riddler in the new Batman movie? And Rachel Weisz as Cat Woman?

And Steve, you were upset about the great Johnny Depp playing the Riddler? Now see what you get?

Eddie Murphy's career died after Beverly Hills Cop. And, not to be racist, but since when is the Riddler black? Has he ever been?

And Rachel Weisz, I enjoyed her in The Mummy, maybe even The Mummy Returns, but Cat Woman? She might be passable, but if Eddie Murphy is The Riddler, then this movie will be a disgrace to the two previous ones.

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

It's not true.

Nolan hasn't even signed on to do the movie yet. So that means no script, which means no characters, which means no casting.

mariah said...

You read too much Perez Hilton.