Sunday, December 28, 2008


THE EAGLES MADE THE PLAYOFFS! After being counted out, they still made it. Also, the Cowboys missed the playoffs so now the Lions get an earlier second 1st rd. pick.

Matt, are the Saints in the playoffs? Ha.

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

It's a lot easier to have a team in the playoffs when you support more than one. The Saints aren't in the playoffs, but they played in the toughest division in the league, so not worried too much.

Head Artichoke said...


Kal El said...

Yea I heard about that on talk radio this morning in the car and instantly became excited, plus Marinelli is fired, so we are definitely making the proper steps forward.

And as far as supporting more than one team, are you REALLY going to try that defense when the Lions were one of the teams this year? Come on now.

And don't act like the Eagles didn't deserve it. They started out last in the division despite playing "not bad" football starting out 0-3 in the division, and as the "better" teams like the Redskins and the Cockboys fell apart, the Eagles kept their composure and did what they had to do. They deserve their spot in the playoffs.

And remember all the things I said about Dawkins being a badass? 2 forced fumbles that were both returned for touchdowns? Yea, I rest my case, he's the man.

Saints had a good year, I like them, don't love them, but I usually root for them over most teams. Shame for Brees and his record since they lost, though.