Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My new obsession

With the recent freezing temperatures, nothing outside of my house has seemed at all appealing to me, I usually just lay around and watch T.V. I flipped through the channels and decided to give "House" a chance. I loved it, great show. I am currently in hour 7 of the 17 hour marathon and there are no signs of me slowing down.

Love this show, if you don't watch it, I suggest giving it a shot.

Kal El


Kit Bennett said...

you still havenet asnwered my question, is jim schwartz good for the lions?

Kit Bennett said...

and of course house is good, b/c he is from england...not 'merica!

Kal El said...

He's good on paper, as most of their coaches have been in the past, but I like what he brings to the table. He is a defensive minded coach, just like Marinelli was, but unlike Marinelli he was a Defensive Coordinator who ran his own scheme, not a Defensive Line Coach who only concentrated on the line and didn't really know how to teach the scheme he was trying to.

Also, Schwartz has said he is open to the possibility of switching to the 3-4 defense, which I am a huge fan of because in that defense you need to be big, fast, and hit hard and that is what the Lions were lacking last year on defense big time. He has said he is going to be looking for bigger and faster players and dumping the ones who are too small to be in his defense. He also said if stars such as Ernie Sims don't fit in the 3-4, he will also go with the 4-3 and play on the strengths of the players he has. That was Marinelli's problem, he either brought in players that knew the Tampa 2 but were way past their primes and too old to have the starting positions that they had.

He also has a long history of being around good football minds. He started out as a talent scout for Bill Belichik when he was with the Browns, and he has been with the Titans as their D-Coordinator for the past 8 or 10 years. For anyone who has watched football, they know that defense has always been the strength of the Titans.

The only thing I don't like about him is the fact that he has never been a Head Coach. All the candidates we interviewed or wanted to interview that were HC's before said they didn't want to coach a team that they weren't going to have control of personnel, and the Lions new Two-Headed Monster in the front office is not going to give that control up because they feel like they have something to prove. Now I'm hoping that since they have been in Detrtoit for the Dark Ages(Matt Millen Era) that they learned from his mistakes and know how to right his wrongs instead of keep up his idiotic philosophy of drafting WR's and QB's. So far I have heard good things about Mayhew though, so hopefully he will know better and at least work WITH instead of work OVER Jim Schwartz because I think if he gets the amount of say in things as he needs, he can definitely turn things around in the next year or two. I think they have the capability of at least being 7-9 next year, then above .500 and make the playoffs the year after.

But we'll be able to judge them better on who they draft with their large amounts of picks including 2 first rounders and what they do in free agency.

Kit Bennett said...

good answer , appreciated