Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to Sixburgh!

No, I'm not a huge Steelers fan. Yes, I hate the Cardinals. Yes, I hate Kurt Warner(even more because right before the Super Bowl he started to talk about Spygate again and thinks the Rams should have won it over the Patriots even though they confirmed they didn't tape the walk through) Yes, I love Philadelphia. Yes, the Cardinals beat them to go to the Super Bowl. And yes, I can still be happy for the Sixburgh Steelers because they are from Pennsylvania so we can share some of the glory.

OH YEA! I ALMOST FORGOT! An Ohio State Buckeye caught the game winning touchdown!

OH YEA! I ALMOST FORGOT! An Ohio State Buckeye was the Super Bowl MVP!

So for Santonio Holmes, let's talk about championships he has won. He has one in every level he has played.
-High School State Championship.
-College National Championship(GO BUCKS!)
-NFL Super Bowl Championship(In which he was the MVP)

Come on all you Wolverines, I've already talked to many of you people, that's right, YOU PEOPLE, and they have agreed to give credit where credit was due.

Hey, what's there to be mad about, guys? At least Woodley(U of M) and Foote(U of M) caused and recovered that last fumble at the end. Also Woodley went to my Senior Prom in high school so I have to give him his props.

Also, since Matt has changed to that blog that I am 100% not a fan of, does anyone else(I suggest MLA) want to put all the blogroll updates on their side bar like the Artichoke(R.I.P.) used to have? I feel like I don't check blogs anymore if I don't have an update notification, yea, I'm lazy like that.

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

Jamie's already got it done...

MLA said...

I want to, I just don't know how.

Jamie said...

I do! I do!

Hooray for Jamie!

Kal El said...