Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love this commercial.

Quite possibly the corniest(that must be a real word, I didn't get t he red squiggly line) acting performances on a t.v. commercial. Every time I see this commercial, especially the guy at the very end, it makes me laugh.

Kal El


SupermanArtichoke said...

Kit hates this commercial. I'm sure he'll comment on it.

"Rabble, rabble, rabble. They're using Macs put only do PCs. Rabble, rabble, rabble. I'm a tool."
-Kit Bennett, Tool Extraordinaire

Kit said...

I hate this commercial as much as I hate Gingers and Steve Kessel.

SupermanArtichoke said...

So you're saying they're separate?

Kit said...

no they are both spawns of the devil

Kal El said...

Yea, Kit, it is a bad commercial. But it's funny. I don't see why you hate it so much instead of just laughing and enjoying it's stupidity. I guess I would be on board with you if this was a somehow popular program and everyone took it seriously, but no one I have ever met, not even the comments on YouTube, not a single one took it seriously they just laughed at it.

You know Kit, life is so much easier when you don't get mad and turn into the Hulk about anything.

Just chillax, bra!

Kal El said...

Turns out I can't even so the words "chillax" and "bra" as a joke without making sure you guys no I was kidding. That is how much I hate those words.