Thursday, September 4, 2008

A week in review.

This was a pretty eventful week for me.

A few small key things. The Lions signed the running back I wanted them too shining a little more hope on the season. I went to another Tigers game this week, they won, and it was the first Tigers game I have been to that they have won. Also decided I may want to move into Downtown Detroit in the near future, it's not as bad as it is cracked out to be if you're in the actual downtown.

I'll start off with more current events, save the big one for last.

I was quite the good samaritan the other day before going to the Tigers game. I was driving in my neighborhood when it was about to storm pretty bad. I saw someone, around my age, running down the street. I didn't know them personally, actually never met them I know they lived in my neighborhood because I have seen them many times before. I stopped, promised I wasn't a creeper, and offered him a ride to his house so he didn't have to run in the rain. I figured if he hates running home in the pouring rain as much as I do, he would want a ride.

Later that day, we went to the Tigers game, and on the way from the parking lot to the stadium we past plenty of homeless gentlemen asking for change, I gave them what they had in my pocket(as far as change), it felt good to help people in need.

Just on the next block there was someone selling tickets. He wasn't a regular scalper, he was selling tickets to support disabled veterans, so again, I gave what I could, but insisted he keep the ticket, since I already had one and was happy with my seat. He insisted back that I take it anyway, so I did. I had them check it at the gate and the ticket was legit, so hopefully my mom actually did go towards something good.

So much for my good deeds, sorry if I seemed like I was bragging, just needed something to talk about on here other than music videos and Superman.

This Saturday my friend called me to go out on the lake. Lake Penoma I think it was, in Fenton. We went out on the sand bar and were having a good ole drunken time and I squinted my eyes to look about 5 boats down and saw someone who looked just like Kid Rock. I shouted "Hey, he looks just like Kid Rock." Someone turned to me and said "Yea, that is him." It really was Kid Rock, just hanging out at the sand bar on a shitty pontoon boat just drinking beer with locals. Once he was noticed, naturally he was swamped with people asking for pictures, which he gladly invited people on the boat to take them, he is a real cool guy. I didn't want to be one of those annoying fans that get all gitty and giggly around celebrities so I just went up to him and said "I don't want a picture or an autograph, I just want to shake your hand." He said "Gladly man, especially since you have a great T-Shirt on." I had a Johnny Cash T-Shirt on. At the time I had a fifth of Jager in my hand, which I reached my arm out towards him to offer him some, and he started taking shots of Jager with me. You guys may not like Kid Rock or think that is cool, but I think Kid Rock is great and really think highly of him for being such a cool down to earth guy. If you ever see him, I'm sure he won't mind if you said hi, apparently he goes out on local lakes a lot and hangs out with people like that. Keep an eye out.

Football season finally kicked off and I couldn't be happier. That's it.

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

Not a bad week at all...

MLA said...

Was he singing Sweet Home Alabama? I hear he's been doing it all summer long.

Kal El said...

Nope, it was a great week. No, he wasn't singing, he was sitting on a pontoon boat with no shirt on, and really short blue swim trunks with a sail boat on them, seriously, lol. It was pretty funny to see. He's the man. I became even more of a fan of Kid Rock after that day.