Monday, September 15, 2008

Is it Monday yet?

YES! Monday Night Football! There is nothing I love more during football seasons than Mondays, especially ones like today when I have an unexpected day off AND my favorite team(next to the Lions, of course) THE Philadelphia Eagles plays possibly their biggest division rivals and former cancer of their team, The Dallas Cowboys and Terrell Owens. Last year, with Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown, two pro-bowl corner backs, Lito Sheppard blanketed T.O. for no touchdowns and they forced Romo into 3 INTs. This year, they still have Sheppard and Brown and added another pro-bowl corner in Asante Samuel. Yes, the Cowboys have a high powered offense, but can they stop Brian Westbrook and a rejuvenated Donovan McNabb? Let's hope not. GO EAGLES!!

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

You might want to find a third team, or maybe a fourth DB. 72 yard TD. I hate T.O., but I like making fun of your teams more.

Head Artichoke said...

Luckily the 'Boys have Tony Romo to hand turnovers and touchdowns to the Beagles.

Kal El said...

Yea, they lost, but I can't really be disappointed because it isn't like they got blown out. They went blow for blow in a game anyone could have one against a division rival and everyone front runner's "favorite" team for the year, the Super Bowl favorite Cowboys. Besides a couple mistakes compared to the Cowboys many, T.O. won the game for Dallas. Something that was proven to me is no, no one can stop Brian Wesbrook he is the best running back in the league now and Donovan McNabb is back to old form. They will get them in Philly and my team will go far I guarantee. It was a good game. Tony Romo showed that he isn't the best QB in the NFC East, maybe the 3rd best behind McNabb at 1st and Manning at 2nd. Without T.O.? He'd be the 4th best.

And I realize how much I hate Emmitt Smith because he is too bias and it is annoying. I hate when ex-players become bias commentators. He should learn to be more like Steve Young and give each team their dues. How much was Emmitt Smith bias when his Cowboys sucked? Not at all. Maybe because he is not a true fan, only a front runner for his former team that dropped him like a game after he broke the career rushing record only because they wanted that title on their team. The Cowboys and all their fans are jackasses.