Thursday, October 9, 2008

Can't live without my iPod anymore.

Months ago my iPod went down the crapper. Needed to be restored. It's happened to me before, so I didn't panic. Until I realized it was really broke this time and needed to be fixed. I figured it dead to me because my warranty was up but all my friends tell me "I just took mine in there past my warranty and they just gave me a refurbished one and took mine. So did so and so and so and so." So I drive an hour out to Somerset, go to the Apple store(which being right next to the Puma store almost bankrupted me.) Gave them my iPod, but I had to make a Tech Appt. Annoying. So I drove an hour back home. My appt. is today, and today will either be the day I get my life back, or the day I go absolutely insane. I can't really function without my iPod. I am a proud music pirate and have so much music I want to listen to and I can't, unless I just carry my laptop around. I can't run without my iPod, workout without it, I'm starting to get annoyed with CDs and the radio in my car, it's killing me. Hopefully they fix it, free of charge. If not, looks like I'm getting a new iPod since their asking price is almost as much as a new one. Maybe I'll go big and get the new 32GB iPod touch, by shelling out a good $400. Apparently, "money ain't a thang."

Wish me luck.

Kal El

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Kit said...

12 oaks is 40 mins away and has an apple store...