Monday, October 6, 2008

Please, please, please happen!

Former Titans general manager and current ESPN analyst Floyd Reese has his eye on the Lions GM job, recently vacated by Matt Millen. From

“The ownership is there,” Reese said. “[Lions owner William Clay Ford] wants to win, wants to win badly. They’ve got a great stadium, they’ve got a great facility. The people there are great fans. They really are. I started my career in Detroit way, way back when. But right now they have to go through a total evaluation.”

So does Reese think he’s the person who should oversee that total evaluation, and take the reins of the franchise? When asked directly, he said he’d love the job.

“Are they giving me the job? If they are, I’ll be there. If not I’ll be here at ESPN."

Kal El

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