Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why the Lions suck(ed), and why I hate the Steelers.

To read and understand this, you have to believe in curses. This one is the curse of Bobby Layne, the curse that has plagued the Detroit Lions for 50 years.

Bobby Layne was the Lions Hall of Fame Caliber quarterback in the 50s and led them to 3 championships(yes, the Lions have won something before). Bobby Layne was a great player, not really a model citizen, sort of a mix between Chad Ocho Cinco and, well someone who gets in off field trouble. Although he was a great, great player, the Lions organization and fans grew tired of his off field antics. One game, he suffered a broken leg. He was then replaced by another quarterback while he was hurt, and the Lions won the championship again that year. The next season, the Lions were content with their current Layne replacement that led them to a championship, so, thinking he was through and wanting to get what they could for him, the Lions traded him to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers were a team, at that time, that had not won a single thing in their 25 year history. Apparently Layne felt spurned by the Lions. While he was leaving for the Steelers, his most famous quote was born, he said Detroit "would not win for 50 years." That was in 1958. It is now 2008, 50 years later. For the past 50 years, the Lions have been AWFUL, just terrible, embarrassing. They have been plagued with bad drafts, and were most inconsistent at Layne's position, quarterback. They could never find a solid QB to take the rains and win something. It was the curse of Layne. Layne went on to a successful career in Pittsburgh and for the past 50 years the Steelers have won many championships, something they did not do before Layne. Their latest championship, if you all remember, was in the Lions home, Detroit.

It's 2008, the curse has been lifted. No, the Lions aren't going to automatically be great, as we have seen this season so far. They are, in fact, taking the correct steps towards greatness, such as firing the cancer that was Matt Millen, and are finally beginning to build a powerful offense. Now the defense must learn to tackle.

For Lions fans all over, including myself, a ray of sunshine, a sign of hope, has been shined upon us and my faith in the Lions has been restored, thanks to the firing and the lifting of the curse. So Bobby Layne, screw you, the Lions are going to be good from now on, back to our old winning ways.

Another reason I hate the Steelers in I am a huge fan of their cross state rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. Go Eagles, Go Lions. Fuck the Steelers, and Layne.

Kal El

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