Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What really grinds my gears....Session 10.

You know what really grinds my gears? LADY BUGS! I FUCKING HATE LADY BUGS!!!

I remember being a kid and people telling me if I saw a lady bug, it was good luck. They were pretty rare and a delight to see. Now-a-days it seems like these little assholes are EVERYWHERE! It's annoying. I hate them. I already hate bugs, but especially hate nosey bugs. These little fuckers will just crawl on anything they can crawl on and multiply and multiply no matter how many I kill. I hate them. Some of these bastards even bite. How could anyone EVER think these ugly pieces of shit were good luck? If they were good luck then I would have won the lottery or struck oil or something like that by now. But nope, I'm broke and oilless. Fuck these things. I am putting out a hit on EVERY lady bug you see. If you see it, kill that fucker. Even go out of your way to kill the fuckers if you have to. Now, I already stated I was broke, so there will be no money reward for each lady bug you kill, just do it because they are annoying.

Has anyone else noticed the increase in the population of lady bugs lately? And by lately I mean past year or so. It's annoying, bugs are gross. I'm done.

Kal El

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