Monday, February 16, 2009

What really grinds my gears....Session 9.

It's back. It's been a while. A lot of things since my last session have certainly caused my gears to grind, but not enough for a post. But now, I do have something.

Warning: This post is about video games.

You know what really grinds my gears? Halo 3 and the dumb people that make it, Bungie. I really hope they read this and fix all the mistakes I am about to point out.

For starters, spawn points. Why in the fuck would they ever think it a good idea to spawn the other team behind you? It totally negates the idea of team work. In Halo, the best form of team work is to stick together and hold down a spot in the map. But here is the kicker, if you're holding a spot down, you are sure enough going to get picked off or beat down(or picked down and beat off? No?) and it is going to force your team to spread out, and cause your shitty people that you get matched up with to fend for themselves and essentially get destroyed(I refuse to use the word pwned, if that's how you spell it) and lose the game for you.

To continue with spawn points, why would you spawn someone in the middle of a battle? Why would you spawn someone next to a Warthog occupied by the other team and get gunned down by a turret? This shit just doesn't make any sense what so ever. I mean, I get they that they want to keep it random so people can't spawn kill, but in the campaign it refuses to spawn you in the middle of combat, WHY CAN'T THEY IMPLEMENT THAT INTO ONLINE PLAY?

Now, the dreaded "Noob Combo." The "Noob Combo" is when someone runs at you with a charger plasma pistol to take down your shield instantly then hit you once with a Battle Rifle. I realize they changed the pistol a little bit from Halo 2 so while your charging it, it wastes away, but still. Get rid of the fucking plasma pistol, that is it's only use and it pisses people off. Very seldom do you see people using it to power down a vehicle. GET RID OF IT!

Now on to EXP(Experience Points). This isn't really a big deal, it just annoys me because it gives shitty people the false hope that they are actually good. The way they do EXP now has taken all of the honor out of Brigadier status and General? I think that is the highest one. It is dumb for a few reasons. If you play enough games(Not sure on the amount) it will automatically move you up to this status. Halo should be like the workplace, just because you have been there forever doesn't necessarily mean you deserve a promotion. If Tommy Dumbshit has been muddling his way around the Mail Room for 30 years, you aren't going to promote him to President of the company just because he has been there the longest.

Another problem with EXP is quitters. If you quit, you lose an EXP. Yes, you're level goes down, BUT if you have very little EXP(which you will if you keep quitting) you level up a lot faster. So, if you're getting your ass whooped in a game, you're already going to level down, why not quit and lose an EXP so you can level up faster on wins. It also screws you over when someone is hell bent on getting their EXP down and their level up, so they get into your game, quit, and you're down a man and , more times than not, lose. It's fucked up.

Next, Smashed. The new level Bungie made, well, recreated out of Foundry. That map SUCKS SOMETHING FIERCE. If there was an award for worst map every constructed, this map would get it. That is all I'm saying about it. It's just shitty. Ok, that's all I'm going to say on it.

The Spartan Laser. Dumb weapon. Dumb, dumb weapon. In maps like Standoff, it is an unfair advantage. Well, I guess you can't really classify it as an advantage because both teams have an equal chance at getting it, but once that happens, the fun is over. There is no sniper in the map so all the guy with the laser does is stand in the back and dominate and is virtually untouchable. Please, just get rid of the laser. How will you destroy vehicles you ask? Easy, make the Rocket Launcher lock on to vehicles like it did in Halo 2. Much better weapon.

That is all for now, I guess. Whoever actually made it past this post's warning might have some questions. Why do I still play it if I have so many complaints? Easy, loyalty. I loved the first 2 and will never stop playing it, just want it fixed. And, I will probably get accused of just whining because it sounds like I am just getting my ass whooped in the game. No, I am complaining because it makes it boring. I have been on both the receiving end and the giving end and both are equally shitty. I've stood in the back with the laser a few times and dominated, it's just boring.

I am starting to think that Bungie has taken all their gamer's loyalty for granted. They knew a lot of them would still play it because of the Halo name, but they made it easier for people who suck at video games and this game in particular. This game is built for noobs and it's annoying.

I sure hope that Halo 3: ODST is better and more realistic since you are no longer a Spartan. Let us hope.

I know this wasn't as vulgar and full of swears like my previous gears posts, and for my fans, I apologize. The next one will be jam packed full of vulgarity and unpleasantness.

Kal El


Thomas Clark said...

Boo hoo. Boo hoo.

Here's a tissue.

Kit Bennett said...

Jamie quick dial whine 1 1 !!!

Adam, I enjoy ur grinding sessions, but some of the shit in this post is way off....

The plasma pistol is useful for taking vehicles down and the noob combo is there, its not cheating , its like in gears of war when people complain about chainsaw kills...why the hell would there be a chainsaw then...maybe if you killed the person before they go near you there wouldnt be a problem....

I agree about XP...

Spartan laser is great, be creative if it causes you so many problems...

We liked the smashed map...maybe that's just us....

Spawning think you have some valid points....but at the end of the day you already stated the answer, it stops spawn camping, which i can guaranteed would be more frustrating....

you can do it in the campaign mode b/c the AI is to a point predictable, people online are not...unless you are rowan with a sniper.....


Kal El said...

First, I never said the noob combo was cheating. I don't think the word cheat ever appeared in this post, but I could be wrong, I don't feel like reading it again. I just know it didn't come up with t he noob combo. And I did mention the vehicle part, I said it barely ever happens. I think I've seen it happen.attempted 3 times maximum since I've been playing. My beef with it is it doesn't take skill. It only works on me if someone is doing it while I'm not looking. Now you'll probably say, "you should always be looking." But no, it's a cheap kill. It doesn't take skill. The plasma shot follows you. It's not a skilled kill.

A perfectly placed grenade then a BR to the head, that is skill, not a noob combo. You can also say "well you can get sniped if you're not looking." That's different, sniping takes skill. IF you talk to anyone, ANYONE! online, probably even the ones who use it, they probably hate it too, some people just use it out of frustration because they can't get a kill. So your "don't let it get near you" point isn't very valid.

And onto the spawning points. I know the AI is more predictable than actual players. But, do yo really think it would be hard for them to realize where a battle is going on. If you go into forge you notice they have spawn points laid out already, why how can they not tell when there are people around there shooting? Doesn't make sense to me. And the Warthog part, I meant to add that the warthog was on your side. They can't tell when a warthog is on your side tearing shit up so they couldn't put you in the base instead? I mean shit, they count down 4 or 5 seconds t respawn you, why can't they use that time to pick a proper spot to spawn?

And the Spartan Laser. I don't necessarily hate it. I was just upset because I just got done playing on Standoff. I don't mind it in any other map. I HATE it in stand off. If they had sniper rifles in there then it would be OK because then you can stop the people from standing in the back and dominating you with it. The map is too open so if you even try to get over there, they will most certainly see you and kill you with it. I just don't like the pedestal they put that weapon on in that level. They just need something to counteract it, that would make me happy.

And the way you signed off on this comment, "SMASH!" explains to me why you like the map "Smashed" so I won't even argue about that.

And I would like you thank you Kit, for actually commenting on this post with some actually valid thoughts and opinions unlike the simpleton that posted on here before you(Steve).


Kit Bennett said...

errr doesnt a shotgun take less skill than the noob combo? is that fair?

Kal El said...

No, because you have to be close enough to someone to use the shotgun.

22 said...