Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just applied for this job, what do you think?

Do you think I'm qualified?

Here is the description...

"Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan
James & Lynelle Holden Club

Successful candidate will meet the following criteria:

Ability to run sports and games for children 6-18 years old
Organized and dependable
Previous experience working with children
Knowledge of multiple sports and games for children
Ability to teach new games and sports to children
Knowledge of running a sports league

Hours are:
10 am-6 pm

$8-10.00 an hour"

My only problem with it is it is located in Detroit, about an hour away from my house.

Kal El


Thomas Clark said...

It's a job, but make sure the gas you use doesn't take a huge dent into your total take-home pay.

Have you tried Michigan Talent Bank? Go to and enter in resume stuff. It might give you some leads.

You should find something in Ann Arbor. Ha ha.

Kal El said...

I've actually been thinking about trying to move back down there sometime.

Head Artichoke said...

It will be even more difficult to get to if you move down with your relatives.

And $8-10 is ridiculous.