Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm a hazard to my friends.

So last night myself and 7 of my friends got into some friendly competition, for those of you who know how competitive I am you know it was interesting. My team always looks to me to get them "pumped" and "get in the other teams head" which I do, and I do it well might I add. Well, we decided to go bowling, yes bowling(everything was 25 cents so why not?), am after my friend throwing his turkey and he was coming back instead of a high five or knocking of the rock, I decided to do the inside of the elbow smack like the Wallace's in the picture. Well my friend had no idea what I was doing and I didn't realize it(and had a couple pitchers of beer in me) and I continued on with it and he didn't leave me enough room so I ended up accidentally punching him in the nose. Luckily there wasn't much forced behind my fist so he was fine. Later, I threw a strike and my other friend just decided to give me the old come in from the side and meet in the middle hand slap, but he was sitting down. Again, I was a bit drunk so instead of hitting his hand I raked his face and his glasses fell off. Again, he was fine. So no one got hurt, but I still felt bad, but it was hilarious as well.

Kal El

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