Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What really grinds my gears....Session 6.

You know what really grinds my gears? When people waste their talents and do stupid shit like this. Let me start off by saying, yea I'm athletic and probably could have played more sports in high school besides swimming and water polo. But I know I'm sure as hell not good enough to be one of the most successful quarterbacks in USC history. I'm also not athletic enough to be a first round draft pick to the Arizona Cardinals and make millions of dollars. But Matt Leinart is. What does he do with his fame and fortune? Uses it to get under age girls drunk and get caught doing it.

Last season his team was terrible, and this off season they lost a few key players and did not gain any. He was out the last few games with an injury and he is supposed to be the franchise quarterback but played the few games he did competing for his starting job. I know for a fact that voluntary team workouts have started in the NFL because I check on league updates religiously, so why is it that the future franchise quarterback isn't working on a comeback from injury by being in the gym half the day and studying his playbook the other half instead of holding beer bongs for under aged girls? It really pisses me off when people waste their talents, along with setting bad examples for children that are working their asses off to be like them. Seems like his talents could have been better used on someone else.

Kal El

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