Saturday, January 5, 2008


Well, last night was pretty intense. We had a few folks over for some beer pong (I went 10-1, I know, amazing) and someone had a little bit too much to drink. It's amazing that no matter how drunk you are you can sober up in the blink of an eye if you really need to. Last night I pretty much had to save a life. My friend that had a little too much to drink was a hair away from unconscious on his back and vomiting. Since he was my friend, I was the only one who really helped him so I have to carry him (all 6 foot 5 of him) into the bathroom. There I had to use pretty much all of my strength to hold him over the toilet since he was so drunk he would just flop onto his back if he wasn't being held. Once he finally regained some bit of consciousness he decided he didn't want to be there so he got up and started running out of the bathroom. I put my hand on his chest to stop him but since he is bigger than me, if he didn't want to be stopped he wasn't going to be. I then had press my ear on his chest and wrap my arms around him and drive him back into the bathroom where once he was there he was so out of it he just sat down and fell back again. I then yelled for someone to get me a bottle of water and some crackers and they brought it to me and since stuffing food into an unconscious persons mouth would be very dumb, I smacked him (lightly, ha) in the face a couple times until he opened his eyes and I said "hey! I'm giving you crackers will you eat them?" He shook his head yes and reached his hand out and I gave him a cracker and he just slammed it into his mouth and he chomped on his like a fucking horse(which makes sense since he worked at the ranch this summer, ha) and then I asked him if he was thirsty and he said yes so I had him lean forward and open his mouth so I could poor a little bit in his mouth. He drank the water then proceeded to vomit more in and around the toilet. I had someone go in my room and get one of my pillows because he kept falling back and hitting his head on the wall. I got the pillow and laid him down on his side so if he vomited it wouldn't go back into his mouth. I put the pillow behind him in between him and the wall so it would hold him in place. I had to keep slapping him to keep him up so he would eat the crackers and drink the water. Eventually he finished vomiting all over my roommates bathroom and I promised them I would clean it up this morning, which I did. He then passed out in the hallway so I gave him the pillow and a blanket and would check on him every couple minutes to make sure he was still alive, he made that easy because he was snoring like a fucking air horn.

So that was my interesting story and act of heroism. I know the story doesn't sound that exciting but if you were there it was nothing short of intense. Also, here you go Kit, I finally split into paragraphs a little bit. I know they aren't proper paragraphs but it is the best you are going to get out of me so stop bitching, ha.

Kal El

“if you have the opportunity to play this game of life you need to appreciate every moment. a lot of people don`t appreciate the moment until it`s passed”-Kanye West

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