Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finally, more like Kanye.

I realize I am probably the only one of us in this community that enjoys hip-hop music so I don't know how many of you are actually going to enjoy or even care for this post so I don't really expect any comments, if I get one I'll be surprised. But this artist I'm going to talk about is kind of more than just a hip-hop artist to me, kind of like Kanye West in a way. He does have a few clubby radio friendly songs but at the same time has just as many songs with good message in it which is mostly why I like him. He produces his own songs and makes his own beats and has meaningful lyrics just like Kanye as well. His name is Adam Tensta and he is from Tensta, Sweden. Tensta is apparently a suburb of Stockholm. He raps in swedish but also english. When he is speaking english you can't even tell his is from Sweden. The first song I heard of was "My Cool" I liked it just because it was catchy and I just liked it. But as I downloaded more of his songs I started to like him more and more. For example, I was listening to his song "Bangin on the System" which talked about a lot of things from women's rights, over working and under paying people and one of his lines actually said something about paying teachers more because of what they do with the youth. I know me writing it on my blog doesn't make it sound cool but if you listen to the song you'll understand more. I just think he as well as Kanye is more of what Hip-Hop needs. They don't talk about killing or doing drugs, yea they have the occasional comment about sex or something, but who doesn't? I'll put three videos of his up from YouTube. The first one will be "My Cool" just because I am addicted to the song now and I strongly believe it will be on the radio real soon. The second song is going to be "Bangin on the System." Just to warn, the second song does sound like it will be a "gangsta" song, but it really isn't, it has a good message. The third one is called "80s Baby" it is a song about his life growing up, it isn't much of a video, just listen to the song. Enjoy.

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