Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just wondering...

Why, in parking lots, do people take the time to back into parking spots? Sure you get the easy forward exit, but it always seems to me like the people who are backing into parking spots have a hell of a lot harder time than people who just back out. If anyone reads this and is a "back into a spot" kind of person, please enlighten me. Why?

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

I don't know who I had this conversation with, but it comes from the military where they tell you to back in so you can escape quickly. I guess that's in case the people you've been waterboarding escape.

James said...

I am definitely a 'back up' type of person. I always back into the parking spot. I find it really easy to do and like you said, you get out a lot quicker. Other than that, there really is no logical reason why. Why does everyone pull in? Are they too lazy to back in? The motions all the same, one pull in/out and one back in/out. It's kind of like eating desert before dinner, Why Not?

I don't think that helped at all but, that's what I think.