Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A proposal to KMFP. I need the support of the Artichoke Community.

I propose that KMFP gets a blog while she is in France. I understand she is against blogs and claims to not even read them, but hey, she is in France so this is a completely different situation. For starters, not that she every answered in America, but she isn't going to be calling anyone on her cell phone while she is in Europe. Secondly, she is rarely online, and when she IM's us we may miss it (as I did today and I am deeply saddened by this). Another thing, facebook posts can only go so far, am I right? So I say while she is in France she blogs. Updates us all on her adventures she is going to experience in her everyday life.

Am I the only idiot that cares? If not, let me know, I think if we work together we can convince. United we are one people, united we are one.

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

Start a Facebook group and invite her. The "KMFP needs a blog" group. I'm in.

The Yank said...

i support the KMFP needs a blog initiative!!

James said...

I do as well!!