Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally a night to myself.

Finally I get a night alone in the house. My parents went to the casino with my aunt and uncle, my sisters and the children went home to West Palm Beach for the night. Both groups gave me the option to come with them, my mom even offered me 50 dollars to gamble with, surprisingly I turned it down because this has been the most frustrating "vacation" I have ever been on. To me a vacation is a time to relax and do whatever you want when you want. To my family it is a chance to make plans without asking others first and get mad when no one wants to do it, have to eat my aunts terrible cooking then just bitch about it later when she isn't around (I agree, the cooking sucks and I wouldn't say it to her face either because she loves cooking). Vacations to Florida to my sisters is a chance to pawn their kids off to me and my parents and claim it is because we never get to see them. My parents and I share the time with them equally, when my parents get sick of them they are pawned off onto me, when I get sick of them and try to pawn them off on someone else, I'm being a "bad uncle." It's really frustrating. Today I woke up and it was pouring down rain and I thought to myself, great a day stuck in the house, I will have no where to hide. Thankfully it is Florida so the next minute the sun comes out. I sneak out of the house with my iPod and go for a walk, a long walk around the neighborhood, look at the houses, since my aunt lives on the water, I walk along the canal and just take that time to unwind and think. On top of that, my sisters continue to try to get me to move down here with them. My sister talked to some guy that offered to train me and give me a job with his company. I'm not sure the exact amount but I know it pays well. I once again declined them. I know it sounds like a dream to some people to live in Florida and always be warm. But I love Michigan. I love the variety. To me, places like Florida is somewhere you go for a vacation, I can't really see me calling a place like this home. I can see myself living in a big city, or in a place like I live now. I wouldn't be able to accept anything that is the same everyday. Like if I lived up north in the country, it would be the same old boring thing everyday because nothing would be around. If I lived in Florida, I would have no snow, no real winter time. I love snow, I love changing seasons and actually being able to notice they've changed. Amongst all of this frustration, boredom, and time to think, I have had time to think about my new years resolution. I have decided I'm going to have a few. First, I'm going to start working out again and working on my appearance. Second I'm going to start concentrating on school and working more. I mean I haven't been really slacking in school, but I certainly haven't been honor roll material. I'm also going to start being more open towards people and stop being so shy. Small steps to improve my life I guess you could say, lets see how long it lasts this year, ha.

Well I can't wait to get back to Michigan and hang out with all of my friends again. I come home Christmas night and have already made plans to get hammered somewhere with McBest and Dump that night. So if anyone else has anything going on that night and would like the 3 of us to join (who wouldn't?) then just let me know. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Kal El

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