Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just watch...or not, either way Part Tre.

I had this discussion with Kip Delp and KMFP last night on the way to the Head Artichoke's house. This past week I spent every waking moment with my family, we would talk about old times, and when we got to my my grandparent's house, my dad and aunts started joking around about how bad they had it when they were kids. They had some pretty hilarious stories, they did a lot of stupid stuff and it ended with everyone understanding why they are the way they are now. Those stories got me to thinking about myself. While I was thinking I remembered something from my childhood that could maybe explain why some people would say I have a vulgar sense of humor, or why I listen to (Hed) P.E. Because I learned children's stories, such as the 3 little pigs, like this. Before this song I didn't know what the 3 little pigs were yet. So please take a listen, watch the video, tell me what you think.

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