Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wrap It Up! (From Florida)

FFFFIIIINNNAAALLLLYYY the Florida part of my trip is done. I have to admit this last day was a good one. There wasn't a cloud in the sky on an 84 degree day, I sat by the pool, ate Taco Bell, drank beer, laid on a raft in the pool and played with my nephews. After all that it was dinner time. My aunt and mommy made Turkey dinner for christmas. We had christmas early since everyone is going to be in Florida, we are celebrating it again on actual Christmas day. I stuffed my face with turkey and mashed potatoes. I think when this trip is done I definitely need to hit the gym. Which is why next semester I am getting a membership at the fitness center at our school. Then I can show Kip Delp how to actually work out like a man, ha. We opened lots of presence, well my niece, nephews, sisters and brother-in-law did. I opened 3, two Polo shirts from my sisters and a card with money from my aunt and uncle. Tomorrow we are leaving for the airport at 9 and our plane leaves at 1130. I'm hoping to either fall asleep the whole way again, or at least finish my book I started when I got here. Hopefully Sunday goes by fast, Monday will because we are going to my grandma and grandpap's on my dad's side of the family to meet up with the Resh family which is always interesting because they always get into a fight with each other about Michigan and Ohio State because my dad hates Ohio State and he is the only one, or my dad, grandpap and cousin all get into a fight about Union workers since my dad is one but they all think the union is bullshit. Then we open presents and the older I get, the more it turns into just being cards with money, which I prefer these days over clothes I won't ever wear. The next day is christmas and we will open all the rest of the presents left for us and watch football and eat christmas dinner. Then once we digest it is back to the Mitten for us. Once I get home I am going to Meijer and purchasing a 30 rack of Red Dog beer and meeting up with the Scurvy Squad and getting hammered. Recovering the next morning, then hopefully getting hammered again, recovering Thursday, later going to B-Dubs for the Day Camp Christmas Reunion, then off to CHURCH to get drunk on $1 pitchers of PBR and 75 cent rum and cokes, puff one some blacks and dance like McBest on the dance floor. It is fixin' to be a great couple of days. Hopefully everyone is going to Church since it is JoJo's reunion, and Kevin's(if he goes) last trip to Church since he is leaving on the 2nd of January. MLA and KMFP, if you guys read this, I expect you guys to be there since it is such a special occasion. The Scurvy Squad will be reunited at Church and the last time that happened, we did not disappoint. So anyone who reads this, you are invited. Come with us, get drunk on cheap beer, make asses of yourself, have fun with camp friends, let loose and just throw all your cares away. That is what Church is all about. If I don't update this before Tuesday, Merry Christmas to all! To those who don't celebrate it, have a Fair Dinkum holiday season.

Kal El

"Mm, Florida. Just think somewhere in this state right now Jeb Bush is eating a live puppy."-Stewart Gilligan Griffin


Kit said...

I'll work out properly if you get a job like a man!! That aside...CHURCH is going to be great!!!!!!!

Jamie said...



Message me fool! I can bring the pain from 4000 miles away!

Sir Dunch

Jamie said...


Iffff jooooo playyeee witf firreee u'ree gooine tog gett burrrnddd