Saturday, December 1, 2007

For the Head Artichoke.

It was a long time ago, well not really, but in the the Artichoke land it was. The Head Artichoke stated his enjoyment for drunk posts. So here you go. I know what you're thinking, his grammar and spelling is way too good for being drunk, well, I review, spell check, and all that crap to make sure my shit is good. Yea, see? I said shit is good, that isn't good grammar now is it? MAMA! HOW THEM TATERS DOIN'! Ha, you know. Well anyway, on a more civilized NON-piece of hick-cow-shit-golddiggin'-onlywithherbecausesheisdominatinginthesack-note, I'm drunk. I find myself most interesting and opinionative about the scum of the earth when I've been drinking. Now, today MLA IMed me with great excitement.

"MLA: Today I met a guy who went to Camp Copneconic AS A CAMPER
MLA: An older guy. He works in the lib
Me: that's odd
Me: haha
MLA: I know, random
MLA: It's weird to think that we have alumni"

So I ask her the question, what are we? Are we considered alumni even though we didn't go there? But we worked there? Is that considered alumni? But my exact question was, what are we? Are we considered former puppets? I guess puppets isn't the best word to describe us because we did have a mind of our own, which I believe birthed the blog community and caused us to no longer be working there. Not to say those who still work there don't have a mind of their own. Trust me, I know Daddy has a mind of their own, and I've been invited into the mind of McBest, trust me, you don't want to be there, creepy, ha! So if we weren't puppets, and everyone knows we weren't respected employees, what were we? If you could come up with a name for it, I'd like to hear it. MLA seemed to think former puppets was hilarious, I believe her response was, and I quote "hahahahahahaha." I think this post should earn a comment from the Head Artichoke as I think he would give the wisest answer, but still I would love everyone elses' answer, this is a serious question. What the fuck are we? Or were we? I guess besides former puppets we could call ourselves "Avengers for the Youth." That is because during O.E. as well at Summer Camp, we put up with the shit, but we pushed it aside. We pushed it aside as the "Douche Bags...I mean, Powers Above" made our lives miserable and made it so the children had the best possible experience as they could. I guess you could sort of consider us as heroes. Yes? No? I mean yea in our personal lives we didn't exactly lead the lifestyle of a hero, but when the time came and when it really counted, we were all we could be, the best we could be. So why not consider us heroes? My definition of a hero(not meaning to step on any toes)is a person who sets aside all of their personal differences to make sure that other, those that need it most, get what they need. I feel like that is what we did. Whether it was scheduling people on classes they had no idea how to teach, scheduling someone on the same boring ass class all week, or even scheduling way too many horse rides and over working both the ranch staff and the horses. WE STUCK IT OUT! We did our best to teach classes we had no idea about. No we didn't make up bullshit and lie like they wanted us to in order to sound smart, we said what we knew and improvised from there. No we didn't slack off on boring classes we have been teaching all day and hated, we gave 100-fucking-% every class all day. No they didn't show the kids that they were aggravated and frustrated about overworking them and not getting paid extra for it while other employees got offered extra to "help them out" and no they didn't let the kids know the horses were being overworked. WE ALL STUCK IT OUT FOR THE KIDS. We made those fucking powers above look good! But luckily they took us to a shit ass discount family restaurant that gave everyone gas to make us feel appreciated! Thank you, if it wasn't for that, I would have felt unnoticed! You guys are awesome. But on a serious note, everyone who ever worked O.E., whether it be all season or just a few weeks after you got done with school like some people did, and those who worked this summer(mission team anyway) or any summer, you guys are heroes in my book, and I am really happy people like you are still around. If it wasn't for people like you, well I guess I can say us, life wouldn't be the same and the future would be fucked. So thank you guys, all of you. Also, thanks for being the best friend I hate ever had. Head Artichoke, this was the best post I could come up with, it came from the heart, and the drunken mind, so I hope you enjoy it. I hope everyone enjoys it. Also, please answer my question that was asked way earlier in the post, everyone who reads this, EVERYONE! EVEN YOU!!!!!

Kal El

"When you can't do much, do what you can."-I forgot


Head Artichoke said...

You're definitely alumni. Camp affected you and you affected camp. When there's next a reunion you should be there to tell your stories.

Jamie said...

Holy crap...

You see that button above shift? Hit it (Hee Hee) a few times during those rants next time!

Also, we all rocked, but i'm sure people that came before us did and some that come after us will too. Thats how they keep going, a high turnover of awesome staff. If only they wanted to keep us.

Also, having some awesome English people work there is a big help! :)


Charles D. Leibrand said...

When I worked O.E. we had to walk to Allen Lodge, uphill, both ways, in the snow.