Friday, December 14, 2007

Free drinks...who am I to argue?

So tonight I decide to come home a day early to go to Church with McBest, Daddy, Carl, and his friend Jason from Australia. When we get there Daddy knows some girl so we sit with them. This guy is a douche bag, the kind that is entertaining to watch. He is a "ghetto" white kid with rich parents who sings and "dances" to every rap song that comes on. This should be a "what grinds my gears" session, but I just don't have the energy. Anyway, this douche gets kicked out(thankfully), so I don't have to see him butcher every dance and listen to him butcher every song anymore. So...we leave church around 1 am, head to the cantina to see Dean and Gilmore. We get there and McBest and I dominate for baskets of chips and salsa in about 10 minutes. Order some drinks, watch some trashy girls dance to Souljah Boy, and have a merry time drinking our beers. It's about closing time and the waitress comes to tell us she messed up. I'm thinking "Oh no" but really should be thinking "Oh yea!" because she put out drinks on the tab of some gentlemen at the bar that we don't know, and didn't notice the extra drinks on his tab and just paid and left, so we drank for free, yippee. We then go to McDonald's for some cheeseburgers. McBest buys me a burger because I bought him a pitcher at Church. I order a milkshake because it sounds amazing. The only thing more amazing to me than a milk shake is Dr. Pepper. The manager comes to me and says "I'm sorry sir we forgot out milkshake machine is down, so we will give you your money back(I'm bummed at this point), but we will give you a free large drink(Yay! Happy again.) So tonight I got lots of free drinks, some alcoholic, some non, either way I'm happy. Well that is my night, hope everyone else's was just as great. Goodnight.

Kal El

"I'm a fair dinkum bloke!"-Jesse McBest

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