Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Seriously, shut the hell up.

So there is this girl and she is friends with my roommates. I have posted about her previously, you know, the drunk angry racist girl? Well, when I first met her, I could tolerate her, I didn't like her, but could tolerate her. Now that I actually live here and see her like 4 times a week because she is always over here, I CANNOT STAND HER. She has a nails on chalk board, no no, nails on chalkboard mixed with torchering a walrus voice. It is terrible, not to mention loud. When I'm in my room with my door closed I can't hear my roommates when they are in the living room, maybe an occasional loud outburst of laughter. But when she is here, it is like she is fucking sitting next to me talking. All I can here is "BLAH BLAH BLAH I'M A WHORE" silent pause(I imagine this is when my roommates respond) "BLAH BLAH BLAH WHY WON'T HE DIVORCE HIS WIFE FOR ME, LIKE I MEAN I SUCK HIS DICK AND PUT OUT WHENEVER HE WANTS, I MEAN SURE HE WALKED IN ON MY BOYFRIEND AND ME BUT WHAT THE FUCK?" silent pause.."BLAH BLAH BLAH SOMETHING SLUTTY BLAH FUCKING BLAH". AH! I can't stand her. She is the most annoying, least respectable person I have ever met. Plus she is racist and I have had to chew her out for being racist towards Dump on seperate occasions. Seriously, I love living here, but it is small things like her that make me want to rip my hair out, scream, and move. If anyone else knows someone like this, maybe we can start a club? eh? eh?

On a lighter note, seeing as how I haven't got my haircut since my birthday haircut/accident, which was a little over 3 months ago, it is getting a little on the shaggy side. Also, to MLA's enjoyment, because of that birthday haircut, without touching it, my hair decided to grow itself a rat tail, which I quickly cut off because, well, it was a rat tail. My hair is back to about the length it was a year in high school, so of course the Frodo comments have started coming out again(No Kit, not Bilbo, FRODO) not because I look like a hobbit, just because my whole life I've been told I look like Elijah Wood. With that note, I'm thinking I will go get a haircut this weekend, maybe, maybe not, we'll see.

Kal El

"I'm just sayin', hey Mona Lisa, come home you know you can't Rome without Caesar"-Kanye West

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Lisa said...

I think you just need to let loose on her and make her cry.

worked for me...twice now. I didn't have to talk to my SIL for over a year because of it.