Friday, February 15, 2008

Question for the Head Artichoke(or anyone who has an opinion on it.)

I was reading some comments on The Hero Workshop the other day and someone started writing about choosing a risky occupation and if it makes you a hero. It got me to thinking about my friend in the army and whether people in the service are heroes. I know that a lot of people choose to go to the army so just like choosing to be a police officer or a fire fighter, people would consider them a hero. But what about the many that go into the service right out of high school because their life takes a turn onto the wrong path (i.e. drugs or crime) and they go for disciplinary reasons, but still knowing there is a risk of war, because it is really the only way to turn things around for them. Would you consider them as being heroic if they go to the service and do everything the same as those who chose to go their? Or no because of the reason they joined?

This topic is open for discussion.

Kal El

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Head Artichoke said...

I think the basic definition says there must be perceived risk, and selfless intentions.

So if someone enters the army knowing they could die, but doing it anyway because they feel it will help others, then that act is heroic.