Monday, February 11, 2008

A few things to talk about...

For starters, the big one.....

-My new job is a soap opera cont.-
Well today was the first time I worked with more than one person in my department so usually my only entertainment is gossip from the guy from my previous post. Today we are having a fairly good time and the end of the night is nearing so we start to clean everything up. The new guy(well he isn't really new but it is the first time I've worked with him) has been somewhat jokingly hostile towards the gay guy that works with us. Since he says it in a joking manner and they both laugh every time I think nothing of it. But as the night goes on it gets a little worse and finally I found out the answer. We have a great formula for drama in our department. I work with a Mexican homosexual and a close minded George Bush supporting Catholic who doesn't appreciate any other opinions and thinks everything he knows is right....and also watches pro wrestling. They start to get in arguments about homosexuality and when the Carlos makes the comment "Well Jesus had 12 guys following him, that's all I have to say." I laugh of course and then look at the other guy and he says "Yea it is stupid comments like that that makes me want to take you in the back and have a talk with you, and when I say talk I don't mean fuck, I mean kick your ass." As the atheist spectator I just sit with an astonished look on my face because I can't believe he just said that. The night goes on and he keeps making comments such as "it's a straight guy thing, you wouldn't understand" or "is that something gay guys do?" and so on. I could tell this guy was ignorant and close minded because he was eventually the only one laughing at his dick head comments since his victim stopped laughing along and I didn't laugh at a single one yet he continued being an idiot. Also, the look I received when he found out I was an atheist was priceless, I almost wanted to take out my phone and take a picture and put it on here, but we aren't aloud to have cell phones out at work. I plan on staying out of this whole situation until I feel like it is bothering Carlos, or if Carlos comes to me which he does on other things, or if this guy gets in my face for being an Atheist and thinking George Bush is a total idiot, which I did tell him. It's funny though how I laughed at every "offensive" remark Carlos made and even stated that I don't agree with his beliefs but he didn't offer to take me in the back and "kick my ass." Is it maybe because he is a 6 foot tall 160 lbs.(soaking wet) "tough guy" and maybe for some reason thinks Carlos can't kick his ass just for the simple fact that he is gay and Carlos has stated on many occasions he has never been in a fight and doesn't know how to fight? Probably...this guy is a coward and a dick head and I already hate him. Next topic.

-I believe the long awaited video for Kanye West's song "Flashing Lights" premieres on Wednesday, I suggest checking it out.

-I got home from work and turned my T.V. on and it was on HBO and a Justin Timberlake concert was on. I will openly admit, not caring if I get a man card from Kit, that I was very impressed with him. My earlier impression of Justin Timberlake was he was just a pop sensation with good looks and cool dance moves and could sing a little bit. But watching his concert I realized he is a very talented musician doing piano solos, play the keyboard and guitar and even doing his own mixing for his songs. It was pretty impressive.

-I got the call today from the Wasthenaw Fitness Center and I now have a second job working as a substitute lifeguard. That is great news because it gives me something to get spending money from and I can just save away money from my other job and hopefully earn enough money to visit KMFP in France like I promised and hopefully be able to visit McBest after summer when he goes back to Australia. Also it gives me a free place to work out so I can finally get back into shape.

Also, I taught Oh-Eh at my new job, I believe it is starting to catch on.

Kal El

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