Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting annoyed.

I really think I'm getting annoyed to the point where I need to move out before I kill someone. I've been on here saying how I get annoyed by little things such as my roommates clearing their throats every 5-10 seconds and also their laughter at stupid things that normal people would never find funny. Well while in my room tonight watching t.v. it just keeps getting worse and worse. My female roommates has two laughs; a manly barbaric bellow from the bottom pit of her stomach and an obnoxious giggle that a child would only get if they were the product of Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Janis from Friends. They both made soup and I could hear them slurping over two different t.v. sets and about 10-15 ft. of hallway. Now these aren't really things I would go as far as moving out because they are annoying. Last Thursday was the straw that broke the camels back. They keep telling me "Hey we are having people over so invite some friends and get them over here." So I do. I have Dump show up and two of his roommates and his roommates girlfriend and I am friends with them all because I go over there and hang out a lot. Well when they get there and try to mingle with the other people there they are rudely ignored by everyone. Normally this wouldn't bother me because I could really care less for 98% of their friends so their opinion on my friends doesn't matter, what really made me mad was that my roommates were doing the same thing. Every single one of their friends that showed up that I didn't know, I approached them and introduced myself with my roommates making no attempt to introduce us. When my friends get here I introduce them to everyone and they good looked at and ignored like a middle child. It really pisses me off because of countless times I had to bite my tongue and hold back when their racist slut friend who proudly claims to have had sex with over 30 guys is raving and ranting about how her 3 current lovers aren't being faithful to her over the girlfriends they currently have or every time she decides everyone in the room thinks it is alright and stands by her when she uses the "N" word or makes some racist comment about anyone other than white people. Or when she was directly racists towards Dump and his old roommate when they were over here hanging out being nothing but polite to everyone including her.

Another thing, after playing a good 7 games of beer pong and I am in the middle of my 8th game. Someone knocks on the door and it is the pizza guy. The racist girl and this other girl who is mexican but the racist girl kisses her ass because she knows if she doesn't then she will get her ass kicked ordered a medium pizza and breadsticks. After they eat a few slices and start saying how they are getting full, I notice a dollar in my pocket and I am really hungry and the pizza smelled good so I said "is it ok if I just have one slice of pizza, I will give you a dollar for it, if not it's cool I'll just go get food after this game." They say no a first so I say ok then 10 minutes later after they are done they approach me and give me their last piece. The next morning I wake up hearing them in the living room all talking and the pizza situation was brought up. I hear them saying something like this...

Slut 1:"Adam wouldn't fucking leave me alone about the pizza he kept asking me and asking me for a piece and I didn't want to give him one."

Slut 2:"Yea I know that was sooo annoying."

Slut 1:"I fucking hate when people ask for food I buy I just want to be like 'OMG get your own.'"

Slut 2:"Yea and we finally gave it to him to shut him up it was so annoying."

I wanted so badly to just go in there and give them the business end of a verbal foot in the ass but I didn't because they are my roommates friends. Even though the story was completely exaggerated because I asked once offering a dollar and even told them it was ok if they didn't want to give me one then THEY approached ME to give me their last slice. Fucking liars.

So with all the annoying habits of my roommates, treating my friends like garbage while I treat their garbage friends like my friends, and always having to see their friends that I can't stand, put that all together and it is making me think about looking for a new place to live. Plus we can't have pets here at all, oh wait that is changing come this fall! It is only a non refundable charge of 250 dollars and 50 dollars a month if you want a pet! And a fucking gold fish is classified as a pet to these people. Fucking ridiculous, I wouldn't pay that much money to have any pet here let alone a gold fish. I need to move somewhere where I can buy a kitten and name him Biff.

Kal El

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