Sunday, February 10, 2008

My new job is a Soap Opera.

So I just started a new job this past week and at first it was a bit boring, until yesterday. I was working with this guy, won't mention his name, but he had an interesting situation. At first it threw me off because it was I think my second day working with him and he was opening up to me like we were best friends. At first I was a bit uneasy with it but then I figured I would try to help him out because he seemed like he really needed it. Before you guys jump to conclusions that I am putting peoples business out there and it isn't my place, he actually asked me to ask all my friends for their opinions, so you guys are welcome and encouraged to comment your opinion(especially you Head Artichoke, it seems like it could be your department), you can leave it anonymous if you don't want me to know your thoughts on it.

This guy is gay, for starters, and his problem is with an ex-boyfriend of his. His ex is engaged to get a woman. Now part of his problem with this, obviously, is the fact that his ex is marrying a woman, although he apparently calls him all the time. So my colleague is wondering, well what the fuck, is this guy gay or not? Now that isn't the big part of the problem. The problem is, for starters, my colleague doesn't know this woman at all, but he knows a secret that could change her life and stop her from making a big mistake if he tells her, or he could ruin a lot of things. He wants to know if the reward is worth the risk.

The background on this girl from what I know is she grew up in a rich family and has worked her ass off through law school and is really smart, has earned everything she has herself despite having a rich family, and is on her way to becoming a very successful lawyer.

The background on this guy from what I know is he doesn't have a family. He grew up on foster care.

She is set to marry this guy, I believe pretty soon. My colleague says he has proof and has heard from the source himself that he doesn't even love this woman and is only marrying her because she is going to be extremely wealthy and my colleague believes he is going to divorce her to get half(assuming they don't get a prenuptial.) He believes that if he tells this secret that the guy is going to come after him. He actually told me that if he does tell this secret that he won't be working with me anymore and he will leave the area. So apparently it is pretty serious if this guy comes after him.

So he is faced with this decision. Take the risk of telling this woman he doesn't know because stopping her from this could save her from splitting everything she has earned with this male gold digger. The risks he is worried about are the fact that this guy will come after him or she will get defensive and deny that the whole thing is true and it will all blow up in his face. He says he has the proof to take this guy down, he just doesn't know if it is the right thin to do or even any of his business.

I tried to tell this story as good as I possibly could so you guys could understand and plug in your two cents but he talks fast so do the best with what I have given you.

So a quick overview. My gay colleagues ex-boyfriend is marrying a wealthy lawyer-to-be for the money and plans on divorcing her and taking half of her money. He has all the proof to take him down. He doesn't know her. Should he tell her and do the right thing or mind his business? You decide.

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

I hope you think I'd be an expert on this because I'm old, not because I'm gay or married someone for the money.

I would say if he has "proof" and doesn't mind moving away he should do it. However, if he's bitter and looking for revenge based on a hunch, he should leave it alone.

Kal El said...

Haha I figured you would be an expert because if he is right he is saving this woman's life in a would be his called to heroism...kind of, haha. Actually I figured if I called someone out in a post then I would get a comment since I'm like 0-15 on comments from my posts.