Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Oscars

Since I'm kind of bored I've decided to take a look at all the Oscar nominations and decide who I want/think will win.

Best Actor Leading Role:Johnny Depp-Sweeney Todd
Actor in supporting role-Javier Bardem-No Country for Old Men
Best Actress leading role-Ellen Page-Juno
Actress in supporting role-Amy Ryan-Gone Baby Gone
Animated feature film-Ratatouille
Art direction-Sweeney Todd
Cinematography-No Country for Old Men
Costume Design-Sweeney Todd
Documentary Feature-No End in Sight
Documentary Short-La Corona(The Crown)
Film Editing-The Bourne Ultimatum
Foreign language film-12
Makeup-Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Music(Score)-3:10 to Yuma
Music(Song)-August Rush
Best Picture-No Country for Old Men
Short Film(Animated)-Peter and the Wolf
Short Film(Live Action)-The Tonto Woman
Sound Editing-Transformers
Sound Mixing-Transformers
Visual Effects-Transformers
Writing(Adaptive Screenplay)-No Country for Old Men
Writing(Original Screenplay)-Juno

Those are my picks. I am estimating I will get 80-90% correct. If anyone would like to challenge any of my picks, but are unaware of who is actually nominated, here is the list....

Challenge it, I dare ya!

Kal El

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