Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why you should be nice and make good friends with everyone you meet.

Back in my high school days from grades 9-12 I worked at Playland/Bonkers in Flint, Michigan. I was really quiet and soft spoken my first few months, or year, so no one really knew me but people would try to talk to me but no luck, I was extremely shy. There was this one fellow who was in a band pretty much just like every other emo kid in Grand Blanc so I really thought nothing of it. He gave my sister their first demo C.D. and I listened to it in the car with her on the way home and I personally thought it sucked so then I really really didn't think anything of his band. Well just last week I was talking to my friend Andy and he was listening to some music and I asked who it was. He says "Dude, this is Chiodos." and I reply "Ha, I used to know a kid in a band called the Chiodos Bros." and he informs me that is/was their name. At first I think it is just a coincidence then think to myself, could it be them? I ask him if the lead singers name was Craigery Owens, which was the kid who I worked with, and he tells me his name is Craig Owens. I go online and look at pictures and sure enough it is them. I asked Andy if they were famous and he said yea they are fairly famous. So because I was some shy little kid and decided not to believe in a small band from Davison and make friends with the lead singer when I worked with him, I lost my chance to know a famous, maybe very famous I don't know, rock star.

So the moral of this story is, anyone has the potential to become famous and make money, so make sure you make as many friends as you can and never ever say someone can't make it.

Kal El

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