Sunday, February 10, 2008

This is why I hate clubs

One night I'm hanging out with Dump and his roommates which I know from before so I was somewhat friends with them too. We get bored and they decide they want to go to this club in Ann Arbor. I was a little bit low on cash so I said no at first, then they told me it was free to get in so I decide to just go along even though I hate clubs because they are always just a bunch of slutty girls begging for attention or stuck up girls that want nothing to do with you but flaunt it anyway and then it's full of guys who are drunk and think they are tough and will start a fight for no reason. Which brings me to my story. It's about 1 am and we are leaving and I'm driving my car out of the parking garage. As I'm about to pay my fee to get out of the garage I see some guy waving his arms frantically in our direction and yelling something so I stop the car to see what he wants. Once I stopped he turned around and walked away so I just kept going. When I'm paying he runs up to my car and starts beating on my back windows. When I say beating on my windows I don't mean pounding, I mean full out punching as if it were a person. Naturally I get a little upset with this because well, I'm not made of money I can't just replace a window so I stick my head out the window and just say "HEY! Stop banging on my windows!" Then stick my head back in the car, but of course he doesn't stop. "HEY! SERIOUSLY! Stop banging on my windows!" He doesn't stop. "STOP FUCKING BANGING ON MY WINDOWS!" He stops. Apparently one of the kids in my car in the back flipped him the bird, but that wasn't the case because the supposed suspect was typing away on his phone. The real reason was this kid was a friend of my friends on-again-off-again girlfriend and at the time they were "off" and also the girl he was with was hit on by one of my friends. So he stops banging on my windows and I pay the toll and pull out. We are stopped immediately by a stop light and so he follows us out and is yelling and screaming from the sidewalk. This offends my friend even more so he gets out of the car and starts chasing him. First of all my friend is not big at all and the kid is bigger than him, and secondly, once my friend jumps out of the car the kid runs around the corner and my friend chases him. Growing up in Grand Blanc I was exposed to lots of fight happy kids that loved to fight in big groups, so naturally I knew there was more people around the corner. Dump immediately jumps out of the car and so does the other kid. I'm thinking great the biggest besides me of all of my friends is Dump so this can't go well. So luckily there is a spot right in front of me so I parallel park(perfectly might I add) and run around the corner. To no surprise there is more kids over there and it is a little rumble. I have no intention of fighting, I hate fighting and am very against it but I'm also all for defending the people I care about. So I get over there with every intention of breaking it up which I do. I get over there and grab my friend that the whole thing started with and pretty much pick him up and throw him back and yell at him to calm down. I turn around and see Dump get sucker punched to the ground and I notice the kid in front of me that was banging on my window and started this whole rumble. So I grab the kid by the shoulders and tell him to calm down and he punches me in the stomach but with all the adrenaline I could barely feel it so I just got angry and turned him and got him in a choke hold with complete ease. I wasn't choking him, I just held it there and said politely in his hear, I'm not trying to choke you, but if you don't calm down and hit my friend again, I will do it. He of course "agrees" with me and I look at his friend that sucker punched Dump and ask him if he is going to calm down. He runs into the street and says "Maaannn let's get the fuck out of here." I then let the kid go and as he walks away he does a quick turn back hit into my stomach again and I just look at him and tell him he really better get the hell out of here. After I start to walk away I yell to my friends to all get in the car so they do and we leave.

I really hate people like that. Why do people always want to fight other people for stupid reasons? It doesn't make sense to me at all. Especially over something stupid like a guy having problem with his girlfriend. I'm not saying that kid was the only one in the wrong, my friends never should have got out of the car, they should have just left it alone. I'm not trying to sound cocky but they are kind of lucky I was there to break it up because when I got there, it didn't seem to be going to well for them at all.

So the moral of this story is kids, don't fight. It's retarded, makes you look like a jackass especially when you're drunk.

Kal El

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