Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Artist of the week-Pricasso (Parental Advisory for the use of nudity)

I know it probably has been over a week that I have posted one of these so just for that I did a real interesting one, not to mention probably Kip Delp's favorite artist in the whole wide world.

His name is Pricasso, real name Tim Patch, and his specialty is penile art. Everything he paints is with his penis. The way he makes his money is people e-mail him a photo and he paints it with his penis, video tapes himself doing it and sends you the tape and photo back and if you like it you buy it.

"In the beginning of time life forces were created with divine intervention, my art evolved spontaneously from basic mysterious forces surging through me, Stripped naked to the core unbounded by society's conventions I am at one with nature exposing primitive urges, all my senses converge, I feel the very roots of my creativity stirring rising up merging with the subjects inner beauty climaxing in uncontrollable waves of divine euphoria and my loins I create PENILE ART."

Just in case you guys want to e-mail him a photo of yourself (Kip) his e-mail is tim.patch@bigpond.com