Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Oh how I miss these people. It's amazing how much things change in a little less than a year. Kevin's hair is 1/3 as long as it is now, Todd was there, I had a shaved head and Elvis wannabe sideburns. This was probably 1 of my top 10 moments at camp when we did the polar bear swim and the Head Artichoke even came out for the event. Two things to notice in this video...It seems Poof Cat has an upside down dick and balls in his body hair also when you hear an uproar from the participants in the back ground it is because a handsome young fellow has just stripped down into a speedo. Keep an eye out for that one. ;-)


Head Artichoke said...

"Even"???? I started the damn tradition. I wonder if they're doing it this year. I'd better have a word with Jesse. Or maybe they banned it for public safety.

Kal El said...

They probably did ban it, we should show up for it just for the hell of it.