Saturday, February 23, 2008

David vs. Goliath

Floyd Mayweather recently went to a WWE pay per view event and was unexpectedly involved in the story line. Apparently he has no idea that pro wrestling is fake because when given the opportunity he landed a 4 hit combo on a 7'2" 400-500 lb. man. Needless to say, if the "Big Show" would have caught him, he would have killed him. The combo doesn't seem bad at first, wait for the slow motion replay.

That video is real, he wasn't even supposed to be involved in the show and the victim was ppppiiiisssseeed.

Kal El


Head Artichoke said...

Not pissed off enough to have him come back and be part of the next show though. And challenge him to a "wrestle".

Kal El said...

I'm sure he was still pissed but seeing as how pro wrestlers are "actors" getting paid big money, he will do whatever the owners tell him to. If you pay hard attention to what they are talking about when they are trying to calm him down, you can tell it wasn't meant to happen.

Head Artichoke said...

Oh I know he wasn't expecting it. I saw it on TV twice before here. The video has been put in the dictionary under "sucker punch".