Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brand Spankin' New Post!

I realized last night that bars are good for more than just getting drunk and playing pool and stuff. You learn quite a few things. For starters "Rockstar" by nickelback is quite possibly one of the top 5 terrible songs in history. On the otherside "Don't Stop Believin'" is one of the top 5 best songs in history. Also, I'm pretty shitty at pool, I have my moments, but not too great. Also, if anyone remembers the racist girl who is friends with my roommates and started stuff with Dump a while back, I learned a lot about her last night. Not in a good way. I heard such quotes come from her mouth as "If he wants me to break up with my boyfriend of a year and a half and HE isn't going to dump his girlfriend of 3 months, then that is bullshit" and (talking about another guy) "I can't believe him, he always just comes over and has fun and stuff with me having sex and shit, then just leaves me to go home to his wife, what an asshole!" HOW ARE MY ROOMMATES FRIENDS WITH THIS GIRL. I've known them for a long time and they are not that way, and this girl only causes problems everytime she comes over because she is a racist slut with terrible anger management issues. I don't get it. This weekend was quite a good one. Friday Em Leon and C-Dow had a kegger at their place and I have to say it was great times. We all know McBest had a great time, he made out with a girl and got her number, then woke up later from a dead sleep to get up and attempt to pee on their windows in the living room. Good thing we and MLA were watching T.V. and I realized once I heard the zipper what exactly he was planning on doing. Then we wake up around 10 am to get to Evan's tailgate. McBest rolled his ankle somehow and was still really drunk so he didn't want too go so we went just Kit, MLA, Em Leon, and I. We met Haas at Evan's tailgate, bonged a couple beers, hugged Evan, cooked burgers and ate cheese balls then went to taco bell. Good Times. Get back to the apartment and played some more beer pong against C-Dow and Nikki because there was still a bit of beer in the keg. Oh also. We watched the Buckeyes of Ohio State not only beat the Michigan Wolverines in the Big House, but hold the to 91 yards of total offense in the Big house while OSU running back Beanie Wells had 222 yards by himself with Michigan's collective team could only gain 91, pathetic. Welp, that about sums up my weekend and Monday. Nothing too great but I figured since I haven't posted in here in a while I was over due. So enjoy my life. Oh, also we are having a kegger here at my place tonight so that should hopefully result in something worth posting on here. If anyone in the AA area reads this by tonight and wants to come just let me know! It shall be a great time.

Kal El

“So many of our DREAMS at first seem Impossible, then they seem Improbable, and then when we Summon the Will, they soon become Inevitable.”-Christopher Reeve

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