Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Welp, I'm an idiot!

Atleast when I am drunk anyway. Yesterday in class, Kit comes to me and suggests we get drunk and play Halo that night. Then I suggest we make it into a drinking game, we both agree. Seeing as our class is a joke, I just take that time to write up some rules. Needless to say, my rules got us all fucked up. So Kip, Gallagher, and Superman Artichoke are playing and decided we are hungry. Someone yells, "NOT GETTING DOMINOS" so we all put our fingers on our noses, being drunk we can't decide who lost so we kept redoing it until they realized their are frozen pizzas in the freezer. I lost the nose game on that one but didn't care because I was hungry as hell so I got up and put it into the oven. After playing a couple of games we go to get the pizza out. I'm taking it out of the oven with my oven mit, Kit says something funny(for once) so I start laughing and the pizza slips off of the tray and I decide it would be a good idea to try to catch it with the tray, using both hands. Of course my left hand didn't have an oven mit on it. Being drunk, it takes me about 10 seconds with a 400 degree pan in my hand to realize I am in terrible pain. So I throw the pan down, they are all in the way of the sink so I turn around and grab Milo Jr's "bad kitty" spray bottle and start spraying the shit out of my hand, while screaming because I am drunk. Finally get to the sink and just sit with my hand under running water, I can hear them playing Halo again so I got bored and decided to just grab an ice cube from the freezer and just hold onto it while I play. That didn't work because everytime I let go of the ice cube I would play for 10 seconds then it would start to burn like hell again. Wasn't a good night. Driving home sucked without ice or a cup of water, luckily holding my hand out the window worked. As I woke up today, I noticed the giant blisters have finally appeared on every single one of my left hand fingers. That ladies and gentlemen is why I am an idiot.

Kal El

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”-Jimi Hendrix

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MLA said...

Put some lotion on it and let it air out.