Friday, November 23, 2007

My Mid-Week Weekend

Everyday since my thanksgiving vacation started, I ended up drinking. Friday at Em Leon's with Em Law, Kit and McBest, then saturday morning and throughout the day, then at night when i got back to GB. I go back to school Sunday, then my roommates are there and drinking, so I join in. Monday, the bar, Tuesday kegger at our apartment. I'll get to that later. Now Wednesday I was hung over all day and I had intention to drink although it was the biggest bar night of the year. I just played Halo 3 with Gallagher all night then we home around 1. I get home and just in bed and my roommates and some guests come in hammered, wake me up and then made me, yes made me, play beer pong. Then last night, beer pong once again after all Thanksgiving festivities. I think I need to start exercising, ha.

Ok, the kegger at our place Tuesday. I was actually worried throughout the day that it wasn't going to live up to my expectations because we couldn't get a hold of anyone on the phone and got a bunch of maybes. We got the keg anyway and said fuck it, no one comes, more beer for us. Well, people came, more than I expected, and it was fun. Needless to say, we played beer pong. My roommate and I dominated the table, of course. MLA was there and she wore "Daddy Pants" as we call it. They were Daddy's sweat pants from college. Ha, she wore grey sweat pants, a white-T and moccasins, classic. The night just went on and we all had fun and drank and played pong, then the keg finished, we needed more beer, I will NOT be getting into that story so don't even worry about it, ha. We got more beer and started playing more, as people started filtering out around 1 am, KMFP filters in, and the party restarts. I guess I have a tendency of getting people way to drunk when they first get there when they come late, because I did it to someone else before, and that night I did it to KMFP. She was real drunk, and it you see the pictures on facebook if she ever puts them up, you will see just how hammered she is. She bit my face at one point, and kept pooring beer on everyone like they were hoes in a Snoop Dogg video or something. Then night then moved to the point where MLA and KMFP each do a beer bong in my room. the only problem is, the beer pong is 10 ft. long, so the funnel was at one corner of my room, and the end of the tube was at the opposite corner, again, pictures, it's quite funny. After that MLA and KMFP disappeared for a while and I got bored and passed out because they were gone for a solid hour and I was hammered andit was like 4 am. That's the end of my story. OH! also, apparently I pulled a Michael Jackson with his baby incident, because MLA insists I lifted her and dangled her over the balcony. All I did was pick her up, my back was against the railing, ha.

Kal El

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