Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sometimes I even amaze myself

I think this is a post that MLA will appreciate because, well, she knows the story already. I had a paper due on Tuesday, 6 pages, requiring a semesters worth of research on the world's overuse of oil. I forgot the paper was due on Tuesday, so I was rather surprised when I got to class and she was collecting them. She came to me and asked me if I had my paper. Now for some reason my teacher has this unbelievable faith in me and thinks I am the greatest writer she has ever taught. She has told me many times, it's ok Adam, I've seen your work, I trust you to get me an A quality assignment in, just take your time. So of course when she asked me I was honest with him and said No, I don't have my paper. She just smiled and said OK. Now my plan was to go to the library yesterday to work on it after I got out of class but when I got out of class I couldn't be bother to do anything for the rest of the day so I just went home and Dump came over and I gave him a whoopin in Madden as usual. Then my plan was to just wake up a few hours earlier this morning and come to class early to get my paper done. Well my roommates convinced me and Dump to play beer pong last night (we dominated and went 4-1 by the way) so needless to say we got pretty drunk. So I had my alarm set for 8 am, alarm rings, I don't want to get up. 9 am rolls around, I get up and take a shower, leave my apartment at 930, my class is at 11. I get here and rush to the computer lab where my class takes place, and there is another class in there so I can't go in early, I figure I'm screwed and contemplate skipping class. Dump says, well lets just go to the library. We go, get a computer and none of them have word, what the fuck? So we go upstairs to the computer lab in the library and finally get a computer that has word. It is now 10 am, I have an hour. So I put my iPod on so some (Hed) P.E. and start churning out the greatest paper ever imagined. I did a semesters worth of research and typed it into 6 pages in less than an hour. Let me just say, it's an A paper! So MLA, I reclaim my crown as the king of procrastination, I guess you can be the queen of procrastination since you're a girl, but still, I'm the best.

Kal El

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”-Christopher Reeve

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