Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To all WCC students!

I'm sure this was already obvious, but not to me. When you walk down the stairs in buildings, DO NOT put your hand on the rails. I was walking down them today with my hand on the rail and my fingers kept going over grooves on the wood, so I just thought they were just that, grooves on the wood. Nope, dozens of pieces of ABC gum. Fucking sick, people are sick. That is my word of advice for the day. Just thought I would let you know while I sit here in the student center listening to the nerds in the booth next to me get all hot and bothered of Magic the Gathering and WoW, they make me proud to have a life.

Kal El


Darkaj said...

I take some offense to that.....but only a little.

If you think that (gum) is gross, try taking a clean cloth, spray some water or windex on it, then find an escalator and just hold the cloth on the railing. After about 2 min, look at it.

Kal El said...

haha yea that's why you never touch escalator railings either.