Friday, November 9, 2007

My weekend

First of all, before I post anything, I believe this needs some recognition. Yesterday, Kit, Jamie, and I were playing Halo 3 on XBOX Live and absolutely destroyed a team. When I say destroyed, I mean 50-4. So hats off to us. Now onto real life. So far this is panning out to be a good weekend. My roommates have decided to have people over tonight so I extended invitations to KMFP and MLA, they both accepted and they are coming over tonight. Also, my friend Katy is going to stop by and make an appearance. Saturday my plans are to head to Albion and party with MLA and her group of wild party animals, haha. Sunday is football time and watch the Lions extend their winning record to 7-2. Tonight, we are in store for some good fun. Beer pong, drinking games, the drunk angry racist girl. KMFP and MLA will not be disappointed. MLA can attempt her form of Chinese Water Torture, the MLA Stopwatch Torture, on the drunk angry racist girl again once she passes out before anyone else. hahaha, I love life.


Kit said...

Sorry for the a minimal showing tonite, but was a good time all the same! i havnt got drunk in awhile lets change weekend!

Kal El said...

yea you better!