Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Night Boredom

While my weekend started fun and kept going strong, it is ending on quite the boring note. The Colts and Chargers are playing tonight so I figured I would watch this tonight while laying in bed and enjoy myself. The game is boring, the chargers are winning 23-7 at halftime, lets hope the second half is better. Family Guy was hilarious tonight so thank god for that. This morning I woke up in MLAs dorm room and laid around for about an hour until we all decided to go to Denny's for breakfast at 1 in the afternoon. We got there and got a table right away. It took forever to get our food and when it finally came, MLA didn't get the right order AND she left without giving us silverware so we had to wait another 5 minutes to eat while our food was sitting in front of us. I ordered a cherry coke and it was the self made cherry coke, which I hate. I'm so bored tonight that I have found myself watching a show I learned about on a trip to Albion, John and Kate plus 8. This show is ridiculous. They have 8 kids and the whole show is just them going through a normal day. It sounds boring, but it is actually quite entertaining. The lady had sextuplets (sp?) and they show her stomach and it is freakin huge, HUGE. I don't know why I am so entertained by this show, it is just them doing normal things, but spazzing out and being miserable because they have 8 half asian half white kids running around and the oldest one is like 6 or 7 or something. I don't know how the hell they do that. I don't get how they can be happy, they just spend the whole show arguing, yelling at kids, and complaining. Hopefully they get paid a lot. Last night at Albion I saw something I thought, and hoped, I would never see in my life. Two freshmen running around the basement through a crowd of drunk people wearing nothing but strategically placed trucker hats. They lost at beer pong by 7 cups, I guess that is the penalty. Peyton Manning just threw his 5th interception, I'm excited, Dump is probably crying somewhere as I type this though. It's been a rough week or so, I've had a lot of thinking to do about stuff, a lot of stuff on my mind. I feel like it is close to being done, hopefully anyway. Well, that is all I have for tonight I think, if not, maybe I'll post more later. Sorry it wasn't more interesting.

Kal El

"Life's a garden, dig it!"-Joe Dirt

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